Honestly…is there anything that Helen Desbois cannot do? With more than 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, she is an actress, singer, dancer, voice artist, recording artist, radio presenter, wife, mother, fitness queen and get this – even a qualified sailor.


Her smash hit single, “Anything”, topped charts across the country and was ultimately nominated for a South African Music Award, Appropriate title as it fits Helen like a glove! – she does seem to be able to do anything. Then after years of absence, Helen returned with a comeback single, “Like I Need You”, and the last couple of weeks she has once again enjoyed significant radio play with her latest hit, “WindUp Girl”, available now on most digital platforms like iTunes and Apple Music.


Over and above her daily job as the co-host of a breakfast show on a popular radio station (which means waking up at 4:30am every morning), Helen still managed to find the time to shoot a new movie opposite Vuyo Dabula and Paul du Toit in “Shaft 6”, playing the role of a forensic psychologist, Bettie Kruger.  She also shot a series for television that will be broadcast soon, called “The Docket”. Oh, and she is the voice of Verimark by the way, if you wondered what her speaking voice sounds like. 


On top of this, she has been happily married for the last 11 years (they even renewed their wedding vows last year), she is a stepmom to Alex (23) and mother to a 9-year-old, Oliver. By now one can easily forget what she is best known for at present, a hugely successful singing career, with music that reminds one of Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez.


We’re probably all wondering if Helen is cloned in some kind of weird scientific experiment, as how on earth does she possibly manage it all? What makes it even more suspicious is that she looks freakishly young…we believe an explanation is in order! Don’t you?


Helen laughs it off and states: “I just love to be busy. The busier, the better. But it’s true – sometimes I just can’t do everything by myself and I have to accept that. However, I’m one of the luckiest women in the world as my husband and I make the best team, so we can pretty much have every base covered at home. On the career front – ten pies, ten fingers. Haha!”


Well, we guess if Madonna can reinvent herself all the time, we’ll give Helen the benefit of the doubt. “Madonna is actually a huge inspiration and one of the reasons I made it back to the studio. I achieved a bucket list item by seeing her in Prague not so long ago and watching her in action doing what she loved was all I needed to get back behind the microphone,” she says.


Chances are that you are already familiar with her latest single, “WindUp Girl” – a fresh, fun and contemporary look at a tale about a woman in love, but one who wants to stay firmly in control of her feelings. She knows what she wants and is certainly no-one’s WindUp Girl!


Although it is considered rude to reveal a lady’s age, if you look like you’re in your thirties, but you are actually 43, an exception has to be made in Helen’s case, as once again the cloning theory might be the only thing that makes sense.


“I think staying happy and not worrying about the small things keeps one young at heart and in the flesh. A healthy diet helps as well, I guess. Oh, and self-love goes a long way too,” Helen says.


But before you become a WindUp Girl yourself, thinking that Helen was just unfairly blessed with the most desirable gene pool possible, she actually works incredibly hard to stay fit and in shape.


“I know, we all wish there was a magic secret to keeping in shape and it does get tougher as one gets older. The main thing that works for me is that I schedule my gym sessions like I would an important meeting. Unless it is an emergency, I don’t cancel it for anything. I love free weights and do the occasional dance class,” she reveals.


Helen describes herself as ambitious, kind and happy. And her personal philosophy in life? “It has always been, ‘what is, is and what ain’t, ain’t’. And I believe it is always worth asking, as the worst anyone can do is say ‘no’, but that is actually ok.”


With a heart of gold, Helen even makes time to be a brand ambassador for her charities, “The Growing Champions” and “The Smile Foundation”, helping them by raising awareness for their causes. And when she can, she loves going to restaurants although she doesn’t consider herself to be a foodie. That said, she even edits a website, www.showbizinfullhd.co.za, where food and the  hottest information on all things show business can be found.


She concludes:”I still have a dream to grace the cover of a fitness magazine. I also want to go to the Grammy Awards. I have done some more acting this year, which was part of my plan, and I hope that continues too. Above all else, I really hope everyone is enjoying my music.”


Helen’s passion for all elements of show business becomes apparent when one considers her accolades, including:

  • South African Music Award / SAMA award nomination
  • 4 times MTN Radio Awards nomination, including one win
  • More than a dozen television, stage and film roles.


Helen will be back in studio during 2018 and will also work on some exciting collaborations.


For even more on Helen, visit her website www.helendesbois.com, and follow her on social media (@HelenDesbois). And be sure to download “WindUp Girl”, available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and most other digital platforms.

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