“I dont mind being a woman in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it”

A quote from the famous Marilyn Monroe. If you look back at her life, she didnt escape pain and heartache by any small measure. Yet somehow, her spirit and womanhood shone through it all and she is revered and remembered for what she brought to this world.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we have taken the liberty to identify some of history’s iconic women who will be forever remembered for their quirky personalities and the impact they made on how women were seen by society. Furthermore, right here, right now, there are women doing incredible things. Take a look at at just some of the stories we have connected with recently.

We’ll start with Judi Sandrock, a female entrepreneur that is a force to be reckoned with! As co-founder and joint CEO of MEDO, she goes about her day connecting large companies with emerging micro and small enterprises, that are at least 50% black-owned. This became her passion when Judi realized the greater reward that can be found in helping others rather than in gaining wealth for yourself.

From successful entrepreneur to highly-qualified chef, Seline Van Der Wat. Seline is a qualified industrial engineer but quit her job to pursue a culinary career after coming third during the second season of MasterChef South Africa. She absolutely loves food and is passionate about fresh ingredients, South African cuisine and sustainable and responsible farming. Better watch out for this star on the rise!

Mishka Patel, Miss S.A. 2014 top 12 finalist and Miss Veet South Africa 2014 runner-up is a lot more than stunningly beautiful. She said the following in an exclusive interview with Spice4Life:

“I am an absolute believer in women empowerment, education and the youth of SA. I love my country, I care about our earth and our environment, and I would love to have an opportunity to learn and also educate more about how we can protect it. I aspire to inspire. I want to teach and learn as much as I can during my Miss Earth SA journey. I believe South Africa has such a positive future and together we can make it even better.”

We love the positive spirit Mishka!

Speaking of positivity, Elizabeth Arden recently ran a “Make a Visible Difference” campaign with the aim of identifying key individuals who are currently making a significant difference to the make-up of our country. Among the winners were Refiloe Seseane and Candice Andisiwe. Refiloe was named a Community Hero for starting 18twenty8, in 2008,  which aims to grow and continue inspiring more girls by exposing them to empathetic mentors and helping them make uninterrupted transitions from high school, to university and ultimately the world of work. Candice, at the young age of 20, started Building Blocks, which uproots sanitation conditions in her community by replacing bucket toilets with proper flushing toilets.

Within the entertainment industry, Kriya Gangiah, originally Ballz Visual Radio Producer and Presenter, has just recently spread her wings and joined the Jacaranda FM team. She thinks that the most significant barrier to female leadership is letting other people influence you too much. Her advice to the women of South Africa this women’s day is to “stand strong and take control of your decisions and situations”.


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