Carin Lann is the owner of LANN Development Consultants & Wise Economy (WE) and proud SPICE4LIFE Ambassador. We ask her to share her story.

My company LANN Development Consultants is a proud partner to Spice4Life when it comes to empowerment of women and convincing women entrepreneurs in Africa how important digital knowledge is today and especially will be in the future.

Those with knowledge will have a huge advantage before those who do not embrace this fantastic knowledge. Now is the time to make a decision!

In 2013 I asked Michelle Korevaar to train women entrepreneurs in Botswana on Social media and Marketing and it was a success! The women want her to come back ASAP. Still!

Spice4Life has now asked me to tell my story and I will try to do it in short. A life changing moment for me was last year, when I realized that I could be retired, if I wanted. Sit back and enjoy life, grandchildren and friends at a slower pace? Do what I wanted without having to meet deadlines? Read all those books that I longed to read? See all those films that I wanted to see? Actually have time to go to a movie every now and then – when the movie was running instead of watching it at an airplane with a small screen and bad sound, when it was no longer at everybody’s lips?

Did I want that?

Also meaning that my 22 years dedicated work, my 56 fabulous partners, 55.000 women trained and

8,000 men involved still in the network, 23 women elected into Parliament in partnering countries, the networks for empowerment of women and youth in 17 countries that I have been part of building, would fade away or at least loose contact with each other eventually, because I had been the glue that brought them together? I had been actively involved in implementing 38 International meeting places for Gender Equality during the years. Not to talk about all the study tours to Sweden for studying Gender Equality! Many inspiring ideas brought to other countries. Ideas that the studying visitors – a mixture of powerful politicians and strong women and youth eager for change – would implement together while back home.

Impact? YES!

NO I simply had to “Pay it Forward” in a more structured way before leaving my working life!

So I gather a few women/experts/dedicated hearts that had been with me on the 22 year long journey. We founded the Wise Economy Global Association (WE) – a non-political, non-profit organization passionate about spreading knowledge across the World. WE believes that an economy where anyone – regardless of gender, age, race, religion and culture – has access to sufficient educational and supportive resources to help them find their Happy GO! is a Wise Economy.

The Happy GO! moment is when you are prepared to fulfill your dreams.

I am now the CEO for 4-5 years to come and then I will retire to my husband’s great joy!

But until then I have a powerful BrainBoard of excellence helping me to develop Wise Economy globally.  Michelle Korevaar is one of the BrainBoard members. Together we will make a difference!

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