Roshan Isaacs is Managing Director of Style Africa Fashion Network and a woman to be reckoned with! Despite her busy schedule, we managed to get hold of her and find out how she got to where she is now and what her take on women in leadership positions is. Read on to find out more.


I was inspired to do what I do based on…my personal journey of success which was built on perseverance and patience.  I enjoy mentoring and training teams to perform at their peak and seeing those very people move into senior positions. Being able to inspire, mentor, train or develop someone else in achieving their true potential, inspires me to reach out and do more.

My dream job, as a kid, was to work in media. It gives you a voice to speak for those who can’t and the ability to engage with your community.

I define success as follows… overcoming hurdles, pushing through challenges, trial and error, adapting to change, until finally you reap the rewards, see your accomplishments unfold and achieve success.

If I could go back in time, professionally-speaking, I would change… NOTHING, the lessons and experiences I’ve been blessed with (good and bad) has enriched me to see and experience the present more holistically.


The best decision I have ever made was… Taking every opportunity to learn, understand and perfect what I do and finding mentors to guide me along the way.  This has built my operational mind and given me the ability to achieve amazing and wonderful things.

The worst decision I have ever made was… waiting for the right time to leave an organisation after long service and loyalty.  In the broadcast industry there would never have been a right time as technology is evolving and broadcast needs are changing rapidly with new projects unfolding all the time.

My best ‘switch off’ strategy is… would you believe- gym,  and of course spending time with my family and relaxing at a spa and having tea with my friends.


The leadership qualities I most admire are… humbleness, originality, sincerity

The woman that inspires me is my MOM, Zainab Isaacs, because she continues to persevere and make a difference in the lives of so many having worked at the Red Cross Society for 30 years and now owning her own business at the age of 66 where she trains people in first aid and homecare.

My life’s motto is… There is no limit to what one can achieve, unless you limit yourself.


I think the most significant barrier to female leadership is… trying to be someone else, and worse trying to fill a mans shoes.  Women are nurturers and when applied in a workplace it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

The biggest challenge for the generation of women behind me will be… to define the role of women in the workplace as not equal to men but different and for men to acknowledge that a women’s role is far bigger than the office role alone.

My top three tips for women in business are…

  1. to be successful you must have a thirst for knowledge,
  2. Never drop your standards, know yourself and always deliver your best.
  3. Don’t be greedy, perfect what you do and your efforts will reap the right rewards.


My personal message to the world is… Children are the living messages we send to a future unknown – we need to support their dreams, encourage their achievements and develop their minds, so they may be great leaders of tomorrow.

Mentorship is important to me because… it prepares me for my future self, offers me guidance and provides me with skills in areas I am lacking.

I believe support/giving back to the community is important because… it can provide a community with the necessary skills, basic provisions and passion to make a success of their lives despite their deprived/disadvantaged situation.


If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you visit the many cultural elements of our beautiful city – Bokaap, Houtbay, Constantia, Franschoek, Rylands, our markets of homegrown goods, walk around town to discover the local creative industry and relax at the theatres to experience our world class talent.


Something else I’d like to share is… No one has the power to dictate your life unless you give them that power.  Live your life and challenge yourself to achieve your true potential.

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