What exactly is a SuperNova?

I’m not talking about a cluster of pretty lights up there in the skies.

I’m talking about a person of substance, value, passion, integrity, vision, and purpose. Someone who’s not here to do just do business or make a quick buck, but someone who wants to live a life of purpose.

What do Experts , A-Listers, and Celebs have in common.

Sure they’re all making a big bang, showing up, striking a pose, and rolling in cash but there’s something missing.

I’ve been there. I should know. 

A SuperNova stands out in the crowd. They dazzle everyone around them with their expertise, know how, vision, and heart.

While everyone else is purely seeking out status a SuperNova has a great vision that’s bigger than just them. It’s tranformational. 

They could be a Coach, Consultant, Public Speaker, Content Marketer, Author, etc. either way they all come together around a common camp fire.

These are the people who:

  • Are guided by the highest intention
  • Want to create something  meaningful
  • Have a very special message to share with their audience
  • Are up for personal development
  • Embrace their light
  • Use their greatness to help others step into theirs
  • Want business to merge with Purpose

Are you a SuperNova in the Making?


Do you want to be a Super Nova

Do you want to glimmer

Having worked in Television, Theater, Events and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry) I know what it takes to be the leading lady or guy.  Over the years I’ve worked with Artists, Musicians, Actors, Creatives, Marketeers, Media-maniacs, Eventeers, Authors, Coaches, Lifestyle creators, and Spiritualists.

Now I bring together my knowledge of flash, glitz, and marketing with Self Mastery to create Creative Marketing Solutions to help you move your brand into centre stage.

I’m in the process of launching the SuperNova Sessions and I am offering YOU an unique offer. Your first three online sessions for only $45. 

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About The Author

Lena Ski
Producer and Hostess of The Global Movement Summit || Hostess of The SuperNova Podcast

I'm the producer and hostess of The Global Movement Summit. I'm also a Hostess of the SuperNova Podcast || SuperNova Marketing Coach || Author ||PR || Used to carry a media pass. || Ambassador for En*thoes With quiet determination, a handful of big bold dreams, and an unshakable commitment to meeting my moment and living courageously, I'm here to support purpose-centred-entrepreneurs in their quest to greatness. Having worked in Television, Theater, Events and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry) I know what it takes to be the leading lady or guy... Over the years I've worked with Artists, Musicians, Actors, Creatives, Marketers, Media-maniacs, Eventeers, Authors, Coaches, Lifestyle creators, and Spiritualists.

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