A normal day in my life has 3 shifts: 8h30 am -5 pm a professional, 5pm – 7pm a teacher to my Kids, 7pm – 10pm a mother and wife.

The special interests in my area of business/expertise is women economic Empowerment, working with women at all levels.

What I love most about my field of interest is the fact that people can bring back the self-confidence of women; belief in themselves and fight back to defeat poverty mentality in themselves. In Africa also to see women contribute in the rebuilding of the Continent through access in the mainstream economy.

Some of the defining moments in my career have been:

  • Loss of the only girl I was to have as a mother, the circumstances changed my life forever.
  • The day I decided to quit my high paying job as Accountant to start an unknown journey (the one I am in). I will never regret that decision



My family is a school of learning, a place of safety. This is the most valuable asset I have.

My hobbies and extra mural activities include Reading, Writing

It is important for me that my personal time includes: spending time with myself



My favorite quote is “Tell me about the law of gravity which states that “anything that goes up must come down” and I will introduce you to the law of aerodynamics which states that “it is possible that something can go up and remain there”. (Faith in GOD)

By my own research

I am inspired by Women of the Bible like Deborah and the woman in proverbs 31 whose name is unknown until today.

The Bible offers me mentorship/a role model and taught/inspired/ connected me to my purpose.

The female role model who I believe inspires others in my field of interest is Graca Machel, (Nelson Mandela’s wife).

The male role model who I believe inspires others in my field of interest is H.E Dr. David Kenneth Kaunda, First President of Zambia



My personal message to the world is: Having the Grace to be born, living and dying without impacting a life? It will be worth not to be born at all.

Mentorship is important to me because it’s a process which prepares for a legacy’s transfer.

I believe support/giving back to the community is important because it is the essence of the “UBUNTU’spirit”. Sharing with love is an education against greed. But sharing without of love is simply a vanity



If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you visit Robben Island



The best piece of advice I ever received was to put my trust in GOD, not in mankind.

The secret to my success is to remain ME, and not to try to be someone else

The literature that has influenced business includes “Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy”

The literature that has influenced my life includes “Purpose Driven Live for Women”

My views on living a life of balance are: a human being has 3 most important parts, Body, mind and Spirit. It is important to feed all the three if you want to live a balanced life.

To make our world a better place, I believe the key ingredient would be the Respect and Consideration of one another no matter their gender, race or religion.


Full Name:  Madelein Mkunu

Contact email: madelein@leadingwomenofafrica.com

Websites:   www.leadingwomenofafrica.comhttp://madeleinmkunu.webs.com

Business Network Profiles:  Linked In




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