Eclectic, People Magnet, Connector, Networker, Game Changer, Athi Mbete is a 33-year-old budding entrepreneur. She started her career in the Customer Service and has over 12 years’ extensive experience in the people and service delivery fields having worked in different sectors and servicing predominately international clientele.


She is now currently a Managing Partner of a specialist talent agency called Equity Insights focusing on Employment Equity transformation in the workplace from high-level corporates to small and medium enterprises.


Her role at Equity Insights is to provide her clients with effective Employment Equity Recruitment solutions with a highly skilled Equity talent base. With the experience she has gathered over the years, she believes that she is bringing a fresh insight and perspective into the recruitment space – Athi is part of the Shift and Transformation happening from the traditional recruitment into a new, innovative, cutting-edge recruitment methodology and recruitment transformation. She is excited to be part and a conduit of the Transformation and Diversity that is taking place within South Africa’s work space. 



In whatever I do, I get involved in I always make it a point to strive for Excellence – Never underestimate the power of excellence, the power of quality, the power of intentional serving. The effort you put into serving, be it people; societies; communities; businesses is the eventual result people will see in your life. The blessing is in the detail so make your life a life of beautiful service


  • How did you do it?

Good things come those who wait, great things come to those who act, and the best things come to those who never give up and that is the philosophy that I have lived by. Waiting on the sidelines, having pity parties will never get you anywhere in life. Therefore, despite the childhood traumas, loss of loved ones, financial losses, having to start all over – all of that that didn’t stop me for striving for the best in life and what makes me even more determined is that I am single of two incredible young boys who look up to me, therefore I cannot afford to give up. Whatever I am doing now, is for them and the future generations to come.


  • What were your challenges?

Of recent, I must say it has been coming into an industry that I barely knew anything about. Throughout my career I have always sat on the other side of the table. It’s been a 180 degree turn, and I find myself sitting on the other side as an interviewer. Recruitment is not just about placing a candidate. A lot of factors have been to be taken into account. I have had to learn particular skills at a rapid speed and this has required me to study and research more about the industry to gain insight on the market.


All in all though, every experience beautiful and painful has taught me to learn to celebrate the journeys of life as proof of progess, that my panting is a movement and that every experience beautiful and painful, has shaped me to be the strong resilient woman I am today – made by fire through Fire.


  • What keeps you going?

Purpose keeps me going as I have believe that we are all positioned in life to Impact, to Impart, to make a Difference, to cause Change, to bring about Transformation and elevate Mindset and I have learnt that the world makes room for the man/woman with definite purpose.


  • What advice would you give to others who want to follow?

Connect and Surround yourself with Game-changers, Champions, Trailblazers, Visionaries, Winners, Mega-Dreamers, surround yourself with Greatness – people who inspire you beyond YOU!!

Read, Read, Read – Knowledge is Empowering and a mindset changer

Strive for Growth, Strive for Change, no matter how challenging Make Progress. Refuse to die in comfort zones of mediocrity and stagnation – Keep taking territory, keep impacting, new horizons beckon!

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