Janine is President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we asked her about her SPICE4LIFE and her secret superpower.


What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that you live for? That you are passionate about? That excites and motivates you?

Seeing where I have made a positive impact in the life or lives of others. Your success is measured by the richness of your contribution


My SPICE4LIFE, the thing that I love to do, share, be…

Walking on the beach with my dogs and traveling abroad


I was inspired to do what I do because …

I like being at the coal face where things happen


I define success as follows …

When you are content with yourself


My main contribution to the business is …

Being part of a collective that brings about positive change


My best “switch-off” strategy is …

Don’t have one


The leadership qualities I most admire are …

Integrity and commitment


The thing that gets me through the tough times….

My religion


My life’s motto is …

W.E.I.T.   whatever it takes


The thing I wish for the most is …

To make a difference


Do you consider yourself a superhero? Why/Why not?

No. we all have a role to play in society


Well, we think that you MARVEL-lous! So….

Thank you very much


If you could choose one person to call on when ‘in battle’, who would it be?

Myself , I fight my own battles


What was the toughest battle you ever had to over come?

Not being too hard on myself and when to give up


When did you officially become a hero… when was your big break?

I do not see myself as such


What does your super suit look like?

Whatever is needed


What is your secret weapon that you save to help you against only the toughest of villains?

An abundance of chocolates


If there was only one place in the world you could save, where would it be?

Anywhere where a child is suffering


What do you do when you are not saving the world?

I travel


If we had to repay you for saving the world, how would we celebrate?

TIME for a day at the spa


What is your ultimate superpower?

Seeing both sides of the coin


What is the “thing” that you think we need in order to save the world?

To be able to listen to each other


My superhero mantra is…

*get the job done


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