My name is Kim Brouns, lover of Pinterest and Instagram – anywhere I can get beautiful inspiration from. Living in the winelands, I am also a lover of amazing wines, food and our beautiful scenery. Most of all I adore my family, friends and my two Ridgebacks.

As the owner of Blooming Wonderful Décor Hire and Stationery, I manage a brilliant team of creatives and support staff who share my passion in growing this business together.

Our mission is simple: Let us help you style your love story from the beginning to the end.

From Stationery, to Décor Hire and Personalised Styling we offer a range of solutions to the often-overwhelmed Bride or events planner. We are at our happiest if we have fulfilled their every need and helped to style their event through every last detail

My SPICE4LIFET hat thing that gets me up in the mornings? Is my business, my clients, my industry friends but most of all its my team. I am living my dream of providing beautiful products and services to brides and event planners but more importantly for me, I have found greater passion in empowering my staff and trying bit by bit to make their lives better.


To me celebrating womanhood means acknowledging and more so embracing the unique traits that make us the woman we are. It’s about rejoicing in that we can be both nurturing, soft and feminine but can also be strong, confident and fierce.

I believe we need to do this by stop comparing ourselves to each other. We are all different shapes, sizes, personalities, religions, cultures ect. No one woman is exactly the same, why would we want to be? Let’s practice self-love, self-care and self-appreciation – At times easier said than done and I myself am still working on it!

How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

This is incredibly vital in this day in age especially, as more and more women are finding our voices and are making real change worldwide. We need to encourage and support each other during the highs and lows of our journeys. We as women can cause damage to each other through jealousy and rivalry, I just do not believe there is any need for those feelings -it’s a waste of energy and time. We are all trying to be our best selves and live our best lives  The more we embrace and recognise each other’s successes, the stronger we will be together.


I took over Blooming Wonderful and its team in March 2018. I had no experience in this industry apart from organizing my own wedding and assisting friends with theirs. I did however have a deep-seated passion for the industry and had dreamt of somehow being a successful part of it.

I had been working with my former husband’s family business for eleven years as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper. It was a predominantly male environment and I had no creative release or any satisfaction within my role. 

When I heard that the previous owners of Blooming Wonderful were selling, I jumped at the chance to buy the business as an ongoing concern. It took some financial planning and investment but at the end everything fell into place. As I believe it was meant to

It has taken me about 18 months to really feel like ‘ I got this” and that “I am not just faking it till I make it”. This is largely due to the support I have received from my team, ladies within the industry and my own personal growth not to mention the ladies from my TWA – The Womens Advantage forum. Its now a case of upwards and onwards and I am so excited for the future of Blooming Wonderful!

I define success as living one’s life authentically, reaching your goals and enjoying your life with your family and friends whilst still being financially independent.


When it comes to decision making, I believe that not making a decision based on fear is worse than making the wrong or a bad decision. I have made some bad decisions along the way, but I endeavor to learn from them or try to bring out a positive action from them. 

Good decisions are easier to breakdown, taking over Blooming Wonderful was by far the best decision I have made for myself and my future. Another great decision was to join an entrepreneurial woman’s forum called TWA – The Womens Advantage. We are a group of Femtrepreneur’s from vastly different industries, backgrounds and experiences who meet once a month to discuss course notes (our homework), our business, any struggles we’ve had in in our businesses.  I have learnt to much from the course and it has impacted me personally and professionally in a very profound way. This is the perfect example of growth through woman supporting and learning from each other.

My best ‘switch off’ strategy is to be anywhere near water, whether its sailing, standup paddling or just floating in a pool. I also love a good chat with my girlfriends over a lovely meal and wine or walking my dogs.


The leadership qualities I most admire are Compassion, Authenticity, Fairness and the ability to empower those around you. Confidence and Good Decision Making are also vital

The woman that inspires me is … 

I have met so many incredible women in my life thus far who inspire me for different reasons.  Whether it be my best friend who balances being a high-powered CEO, with arranging social/sporting events and is always my biggest advocate. Or my friend who with grace and a smile of her face, takes care of her two young children and terminally ill husband all while being the only bread winner. 

There are many more I could mention, and I take a little inspiration from each of them.


I think the most significant barrier to female leadership apart from gender-bias we have all experienced from time to time, is when we give into our own depilating fear of failure, of being inadequate or just losing faith in ourselves. We can have as many “cheerleaders” cheering us on but if we do not fundamentally believe that we are capable of achievement, we stall and failure of some degree occurs.

My top three tips for women are…

  • Believe in yourself, no one is more qualified than you to achieve your dreams.
  • Find your “Tribe” or a group of women who inspire you through their leadership, mentorship or friendships
  • Don’t give up. It may feel like there are constantly roadblocks in your way but with right attitude and perseverance, you can achieve anything.


My personal message to the world is live an authentic life, be kind and wear sunblock 😊

I believe support/giving back to the community is important because we are all apart of it. We have a responsibility to uplift those that are less fortunate than ourselves, those that can not fight for themselves. Even the smallest degree of support or assistance creates room to play it forward. 

 Kim Brouns – Owner, Creative Director at Blooming Wonderful

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