My interest in natural alternative therapies led me to decide to leave the corporate world in my role as senior manager at a pharmaceutical company after 30 years in the corporate life to study and practice kinesiology and various other alternative healing modalities. Kinesiology is a holistic healing modality that relies on the gentle testing of muscles to identify and correct energy imbalances in the body.

I have a unique set of skills as a specialised kinesiologist, a qualified herbal medicine practitioner and a guided meditation facilitator as well as business and marketing strategist. I also have a very keen interest in vibrational medicine.

I qualified as an Infinite Possibilities trainer and offer workshops on how to live the life of your dreams as well as introducing methods on releasing self-limiting beliefs.  I travelled to the USA in 2017 to be trained by Mike Dooley, best-selling author and spiritual teacher.  It was a turning point in my life as to become a teacher I needed to be the student and apply everything that I had learnt.

I am still involved in the business world and am a marketing strategist and have worked in sales and marketing at a senior level for many years.  As the Managing Director of a business called The Joy Jar, which is my passion and fun project, I offer marketing and business strategy services to small to medium enterprises.

Coupled with my developed intuition, the practice of kinesiology enables me to address a wide variety of issues efficiently and empathetically.  As a wife and mother of teenagers and a toddler, a previously high level corporate career woman and part time student of a variety of special interests, I can relate to people who are stuck in the “hamster-wheel” of life and I assist clients to manage emotions, resulting physical ailments and help them to find solutions to emotional, spiritual and mental blocks. I believe that each person has the innate ability to heal themselves and my aim is to help my client release blocks that may impede healing.

I am an agent of change and firmly believe that we can change as individuals, communities can change, the world can change and that sharing knowledge, mentoring and providing safe spaces for people to grow is a key priority. A problem is only a problem because of the way we think about it. If our thinking changes our problems shift,

I do love the fun side of life, can be rather silly, have a wicked sense of humour which helps to lighten our sessions, and am able to work with people from all walks of life as we are all humans with similar issues regardless of our station in life.

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Tasneema Diest

A multimedia designer. She is passionate about videography, something she says gives her the ability to take all that surrounds our everyday life and interpret it in unexpected ways. She takes pleasure in being able to translate messages using unconventional methods. For her, it's about making everyday objects interesting and more aesthetically pleasing. She enjoys traveling, music, films, and spending time with family and friends when she’s not designing. She believes she is a change maker, adding, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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