Social Entrepreneur, Infopreneur, Educator & Change Agent .

  “Rethink the Future…& BE the Change!”


“The illiterate of the 21stcentury will not be those who cannot

 read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

                                                                             Toffler (Future Shock)


Dedicated to using her expertise & experience in Education to equip and empower people with the skills necessary to adapt and adjust to change in Exponential Times, Michele is committed to being a Catalyst in the revolution of Educational change and Enlightenment.


Focusing on the advantages of this Technological Era is a key factor in disrupting the current educational model and allowing everyone to launch into a better and brighter Future. She is taking the initiative in understanding the Future Trends and aligning with Global Change-Makers in the business of Education, Enterprise and Empowerment to better position herself to collaborate, co-create and implement the integration of new strategies.


Trained initially in the teaching profession, she rose to the next level – first in promotional posts and later, by stepping up as a Leader in several Forums. A career spanning over four decades teaching in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and South Africa has given her the resilience to constantly ‘move with the Times’ and provided  a wealth of knowledge and a platform to network and connect with like-minded professionals.  Through focus and passion she now operates on Leadership Teams, for New Image Health International (SA) and Change-Makers Hub (Cape Town), that are engaged in making meaningful Changea sustainable reality.


Her career has been in Education, with a focus on Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development. Grounded in this first level of learning has ensured a firm grasp of the basics and a strong conviction that ‘Keeping it Simple, Smart and Significant’ is where the magic of Transformation lies. Her gifts of Reflection allows others to see mirrored in her the possibility of what can be, while her talent at Connection and Support enables her to engage and  lead strongly from within any team as she creates high levels of Trust and Transparency. In this role her passion makes her job feel less like work and more of a calling. Her ethics and integrity are hallmarks of her character.


As a co-Founder of NeXt, an emergent company whose mission is Unlocking Potential, she is passionate about purpose and dedicated to teaching, mentoring and training people of all ages and from all sectors to attain the lifestyle they desire and deserve. Her many-faceted experience in different arenas and her diversity of skills allows her to foster cultural understanding and earns her respect wherever she operates. Team is always a core principle in all she undertakes.


Relationships and balance are core values for her in leading an enriched life, and she rates family and friendship high on her list of priorities.


“If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees.      

  If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.”   ( Confucius)

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Tasneema Diest

A multimedia designer. She is passionate about videography, something she says gives her the ability to take all that surrounds our everyday life and interpret it in unexpected ways. She takes pleasure in being able to translate messages using unconventional methods. For her, it's about making everyday objects interesting and more aesthetically pleasing. She enjoys traveling, music, films, and spending time with family and friends when she’s not designing. She believes she is a change maker, adding, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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