Nqobile, better known as Q, currently works as a New Business Development Consultant for an Internet Service Provider called CipherWave, with a strong passion for entrepreneurship and everything technology.


Having studied Business Admin, I found myself frustrated at the fact that we were not being taught ways on ‘how to start a business’ but rather how to work within a business/company. This frustration lead to me starting an entrepreneurial program called Dreambox, which exposed students to entrepreneurs that were willing to tell their story. Out of that program, students where privileged enough to meet founder and CEO of South Africa’s leading medical insurer, Discovery Holdings, Adrian Gore.


My belief is that an idea backed by even the slightest bit of action, will get you further than an idea that you only sit pondering on. And even if the idea fails to come to reality, at least you take away one hell of a story, and that extra bit of experience that may fuel your ‘next big thing’. In the words of Mr Robinson, keep moving forward.


“I remain convinced of this basic philosophy: no matter what quandaries we face, there is an idea that can enable us to prevail. Furthermore, we can find that idea. And when we find it, we need to implement it.” – Ray Kurzweil  

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Tasneema Diest

A multimedia designer. She is passionate about videography, something she says gives her the ability to take all that surrounds our everyday life and interpret it in unexpected ways. She takes pleasure in being able to translate messages using unconventional methods. For her, it's about making everyday objects interesting and more aesthetically pleasing. She enjoys traveling, music, films, and spending time with family and friends when she’s not designing. She believes she is a change maker, adding, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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