Name: Rozelle Johansen

Organization:  iD3|Intelligent Design Synergy

What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that gets you up in the mornings?

I love to see other people bringing fully who they are to life…



To me celebrating womanhood means…being able to “be” without the pressure of having to prove myself. I am a woman and that’s good enough!

I believe we need to do this by…taking a deep breath, taking ourselves less seriously, enjoying our uniqueness and idiosyncrasies and allowing us to reinvent ourselves when we need or want to…that and a hot stone back massage J.

My organization serves women by… creating space for them to connect with their hearts and ultimately their true selves…(people engagement, change and renewal)



I was inspired to do what I do based on

…the need I saw in people living their professional lives but without heart. I also love having fun and being a creative thinker – bringing something fresh and new to the world of work

My dream job, as a kid, was …to be a teacher or TV presenter… because …I love to talk and to empart knowledge and hope to people

I define success as follows…trusting and keep trusting in God

If I could go back in time, professionally-speaking, I would change…my BA Psychology degree to a BCom Industrial Psychology degree. 



The best decision I have ever made was…to adopt my faith, marry Shane and to follow our dreams

The worst decision I have ever made was…its probably not in the decisions I made, but in the ones I was afraid to make.

My best ‘switch off’ strategy is…there are a number: muck about in my craft box which results in colouring, painting, doodling etc; play Frisbee or any other thing that requires movement with our kids (dancing is a family favourite); walks in Newlands forest and reading. 



The leadership qualities I most admire are…integrity, humility and servant leadership

The woman that inspires me is Lady Diana because she loved people despite their rank or title.



I think the most significant barrier to female leadership is…in our heads and our definition of leadership. I believe that by being authentically ourselves we are in the best position to influence others – which is leadership. Can we be “ok” when others are “not ok” with us?

The biggest challenge for the generation of women behind me will have and build a real sense of deep connection with friends and loved ones (sharing of our hearts and true selves). In our connected world we often get presented with quick fix and false sense of connection – while these deep connections take time.

My top three tips for women are… breathe, play and eat the chocolate cake (lol) or icecream



My personal message to the world is…live, laugh, learn…Love!

Family life is important to me because I believe it is the building blocks of a stable society.

I believe support/giving back to the community is important because…giving is good, it keeps us from being selfish and allows us to maintain perspective.



If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you visit Cape Town: Newlands forest, drive around Chapman’s peak, stop for fish and chips in HoutBay, Kruger National Park


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