With an innate passion for the fashion industry, stylist and art director turned entrepreneur, Lorraine Maisel, founded Styling Conceptsin 2005 and Press Roomin 2016. With a key eye for trend development, Lorraine has over 30 years of experience across a wide range of disciplines within fashion, advertising and media, working closely with South Africa’s leading brands, personalities and publications. Lorraine has an extensive network of friends and industry experts and prides herself on running and maintaining her businesses in the most efficient manner, hiring strong team players that create a welcoming environment for all new and existing clients.

Women owned, built and employed, Styling Concepts and Press Room are sister fashion & lifestyle focused PR & event agenciesand press offices. Both offices, were the firstof its kind in South Africa and are inspired byinternationally acclaimed agencies in London,Paris and New York, from where global trends aregenerated. With a dedicated staff base and scope of work that extends beyond influencer coordination, customizedevents, and an overall engaging experience. The agencies specialize in an array of services that include public relations, events, press office, influencer & celebrity communication, and social media management. The agencies’ most beneficial factor is the consistent communication stream that flows between Johannesburg and Cape Town due each respective agency being positioned in these busy cities. “Fancy an event in Cape Town? Perhaps a seeding drop to popular influencers in Johannesburg? We provide accessibilityto our clients” 


Our current client base features the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, Falke Samson, Dickies, Brentwood, and Rookie USA. We believe in the “tailored experience”and find that effective PR comes from building and maintaining a strong foundational understanding of the specific client/brand that we are dealing with. we rely on strategic creative solutions that address the core need and allocate the best channels and services to maximize exposure. 

“A word that I place much emphasis on is delivery. We deliver the services selected by our clients and that is important to me. We push exposure towards the correct market and demographic – and have worked exceptionally hard to define a clear understanding thereof. Our teams are made up of energy-pumped and empowered women and we can tackle all clients regardless of the size. We get the job done and rely on the ROI to speak for itself” – Lorraine Maisel, Founder and Director

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