Michelle Korevaar is passionately pursuing the strategic gap points to do good business for good, social entrepreneurship and making skills and resource available to the women and youth of Africa. Currently sourcing viable sponsors and partners for this leadership project, utilising technology, media and global expertise to inspire Africa through example. “If not now…when?”

As a marketer Michelle offers consultancy to Boards, Brands & personalities, assisting them in articulating their vision & creating blue prints, including innovative marketing mixes, to ensure exponential growth & success. The division is called The Incubator which facilitates the process of unpacking entrepreneurial vision, mentorship, strategic suggestions & referrals onto preferred suppliers who can bring fruition to any & all of their business & marketing needs.

SPICE4LIFE; launched in 1999; is Michelle’s continuing mission. Spreading Passion & Inspiration by Connecting through Empowerment 4 Life.

SPICE4LIFE.co.za offers a ground based network of over 30.000 subscribed women which stay connected and inspired by the news we share through real people and real stories, in all areas of a women’s life. The site offers entrepreneurs and community an opportunity to have a voice and grow their online reputation. Proudly one of South Africa’s popular independently owned websites, we always aim for the stars

Participation in International seminars, building strategic local & international networks, affiliations with women’s Organizations’, media partnerships, further enable sharing success stories, example, thoughts, dialogue, expertise & inspiration as a global village

Michelle’s heart lies in our non profit foundation which caters for developing youth, women & nurturing community projects

Opportunities: Looking for Collaborative Partnerships who walk their talk, globally, committed to positive contribution to Economy & Active participation in society, to bring productivity & world class solutions to women and youth of Africa.


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