I was approached by one of New York’s top art galleries who had seen my work on the web in December 2016 and was asked if I would like to be represented by them and to showcase my work at one of their exhibitions.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity. 


I flew to New York in March 2017 to meet up with their team to plan our strategy for the period they were representing me – August 2017 to August 2018. I elected to participate in a spring exhibition aptly named “Heaven and Earth”, that took place from 5 to 25 April this year.  This was a group exhibition featuring 14 artists’ explorations of the beauty within both the sublime and the everyday. Encompassing a variety of styles and media that push the boundaries of both traditional and contemporary convention, the exhibition invited the viewer to consider how each artist’s vision encapsulated the world we live in and what lay beyond.


I was thrilled to secure the best possible wall space in the gallery – street level window frontage – for the seven canvases I would be exhibiting. Despite the extremely stressful build up to my art arriving in New York, the exhibition proved a resounding success.  I broke the gallery record by selling my most expensive canvas, Diving Seagull, within 20 minutes of the exhibition being opened to the public.  Such a short time had never been achieved in the history of the gallery, which was established in 1984 – 34 years ago.


Additionally, I was in fact the only artist who sold any work that evening so the event was a personal success on many levels. Diving Seagull now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida!  A more fitting environment I could not have chosen!


Since the exhibition, I have sold two other works from my portfolio – one to one of New York’s top interior decorators – who also happens to be a South African –  and the other to the most fabulous hair stylist, Laurance LaClause from A Private Studio, who also happens to be one of the most sought after and admired stylists in Manhattan.





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