It is with great excitement that Nyaniso Tutu-Burris has officially come on board as an Ambassador For ChangeMakersHub. An Ambassador for Change is reserved for people who use their influence to catalyse positive contribution in our world. An Ambassador for change is a role model for the kind of leaders we need and who have committed to shining the light on the work that Changemakershub is doing. Our mission is to stand together and light the way.

Michelle Korevaar, founder of ChangeMakersHub had this to say, “In life we need to be inspired. Our hearts are filled with dreams. Our minds are too. Our potential to be our best unique selves and most importantly to use the gifts we personally have to make the world a better place, is like a fire waiting to be lit. It just takes a spark.

Nyaniso Tutu-Burris is one of those sparks. Its been my honour to serve her vision as a Mentor. We met randomly, after which she attended one of my talks. She got very excited at my creative disruptive ideas on how to make the world a better place, and what started out as two strangers with common goals, has fast become a relationship filled with absolute focus and kindred excitement around the lives that can be inspired, the lives that can be helped.  Nyaniso comes form a legacy building family and despite the fact that she is a new and passionate mommy to her baby boy, she has been working very hard to create the foundations of her hearts biggest desire; Phakamafrica. I am so proud of her tenacious progress despite any odds thrown her way. I look forward to seeing many great things come from her passion project to empower Girls and Women of colour to thrive.

Huge thank you to her for joining our family of ChangeMakers and giving her beautiful voice to champion the Vision and Mission of ChangeMakersHub as an official #AmbassadorForChange.

Nyaniso Tutu-Burris is a feminist, activist, writer, mother, and the Founding Executive Director of phakamAfrika (PTY) Ltd. who works with women and girls of colour (WOC) to empower and uplift them through education and social development.

Being part of the Tutu family has taught Nyaniso to stand up for what she believes in. In early 2015, she began to speak groups all over the world on issues that matter to her. From directly addressing the Dalai Lama’s comments that she felt were demeaning to women, to snapping selfies with the audience, to calling out some of the world’s most powerful families at NEXUS Global by discussing race and privilege, Nyaniso is showing that same streak of independence that earned her famous grandfather a Nobel Peace prize.

And like her grandfather, Nyaniso’s message is one of hope. Nyaniso believes that given the right time, tools and support, she can support WOC enabling them to uplift themselves and in turn, their communities. Nyaniso is passionate about removing the stigma surrounding mental illness in communities of colour and hopes to help other young mothers to realize that life doesn’t have to end after birth.

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“My passion is to help women and girls of colour to realize their inner “chocolate goddess”. To help to provide them with role models that actually look like them, that come from similar backgrounds, that they can’t say “oh but she had ____ that I didn’t”. I don’t want it to be a lack of opportunity that is what stops young WOC from reaching their full potential. The three-tiered program revolves around incentivizing staying in school, however it isn’t the school bit that I’m focused on. It’s more the doors that it opens. Matric is the minimum requirement for so many entry level jobs, and even if you don’t want to work for someone else (I don’t and never did), the fact that you can say that you did it, is something that no one can take away from you. I hope that my project helps to empower the Gogo’s and Koko’s, that I know can feel left behind especially in this technical age, the mother’s that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, the young girls that are told that they’re dreaming too big. I just want to help Africa to rise.” – Nyaniso Tutu-Burris, Founding Executive Director of phakamAfrika (PTY) Ltd

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