We asked Teri Kruger to share some of her inspiration with Spice4Life.

My occupation is the Director Stakeholder Relations for juwi Renewable Energies (Pty) Ltd
A normal day in my life involves a search for new developments in this emerging and dynamic market sector that is renewable energy power production for the national grid. As one of the first local employees, we helped shape juwi’s  particular approach to business in Africa and still help to determine our response to business challenges with an adaptive strategy.  I need to communicate internal and external movements to our local team and HQ in Germany; brief media on our various projects as they progress and, update our  website and  social media sites.  As juwi is instrumental in both  the wind and solar industry so we join their lobbies to accelerate the up-take of the technologies.  Therefore we regularly participate in surveys to gauge progress in the sector.   Strategically we need to influence efforts like a brand new SA Renewable Energy Training Centre in crafting their curriculum offering.  Also spend time planning our events or exhibitions whilst managing our global brand that permeates into every aspect of our communications whilst being our local spokesperson.  With the rapid growth in our team compliment,  instilling the juwi brand values is an imperative.
The special interest in my area of expertise is to look to the future and evolution of the renewable energy power production related-industries and their expansion in order to establish a credible and ultimately, profitable sector.  Alongside these developments we will experience new manufacturing, new skills transfer and opportunity for further technological innovations.  SA has an abundance of sun and wind with some very inventive minds so the scope is endless!
What I love most about my field of interest is the dynamic and energetic response to the a very demanding schedule that serves the nation in new, clean electricity production that is so desperately needed.  Undoubtbly, it will spur SA’s economic growth.  This will occur in several ways due to the decentralized nature of the power plants across SA. The nature of the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer’s  program is to stimulate socio-economic growth whilst bringing new jobs and environmentally sensitive responses to our energy demands.  Thereby also helping to mitigate global climate changes.
Some of the defining moments in my career have been that by serving in the non-profit sector previously, and my understanding of the issues related to those living in poverty can largely be alleviated by the delivery of clean electricity to every household, bringing economic opportunity to some of the remotest parts of the country and socially responsible investments that brings a very broad base of beneficiation. Just a decent light source will help those keen on furthering their study efforts.  Win-win.
My family includes a very broad network of loving friends, neighbours, colleagues  and a school that helps to support my daughter and I.  It has been remarkable how people responded with love at times of my extreme vulnerability and need.  It truly does take a village to grow a child and we are eternally grateful for the “other” mom’s that step in. And of course, not forgetting the 3 furry family members!
My hobbies and extra mural activities include dance, dance and dance – whenever and wherever we can.  It is a particularly enjoyable exercise that is a special, shared love between my daughter and I. To travel and dance, not there is a great combination.
It is important for me that my personal time includes fun, friends and food – not necessarily in that order.  But always fun-seeking and particularly in a natural setting.
My favorite quote is  “Every day in every way, my life keeps getting better” by an unknown  author, whilst my best song is “What a beautiful world”  by Louis Armstrong
I am inspired by my detractors.  At times I can become wary of others who do or did not appreciate my ideas or ways of being.  And while it was often quite a painful experience to see life through their “eyes”,  staying true to myself and holding my belief in my values always pulls me through.  Several have become some of my best supporters!
My personal message to the world is to live, laugh and breathe.  It can be hard to keep the humour in our day but without love and laughter, what are we?
I believe giving back to the community is important because we need to recognize the global village begins in our backyard.  The electronic era has brought an entire new world of possibilities with instant connectivity to almost anywhere around the globe.  Yet, we often don’t talk to the “boy next door”. Participating in my communities has brought me much relief in my dark days, so I like to return the favours!
If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you take a galactic view of our Cape Town, but  particularly over Southern Africa. It is really an eye-opener to witness the direct connectivity of up-stream activities to downstream impacts!  As the commander of Expedition 35, Chris Hadfield, resides in the International Space Station and has posted hundreds of images of the earth on social media. Situated 400 kilometres above earth and travelling at a speed of 8km per second, he has taken some amazing images from directly above SA. The beauty of taking photos from space he says, is that “if something is not here this time, tomorrow it might be … or maybe next week, or maybe a month from now. There’s not a race to get a picture … you can be patient.”  So please tread nicely when you get here!    http://mg.co.za/article/2013-04-24-astronaut-tweets-pictures-of-south-africa-from-space
The secret to my success is considering how to support others and then doing it.
To make our world a better place, I believe the key ingredient would be clean, green energy that can be brought to the people, for the people and by the people. With it comes new growth, new opportunity and new skills and education in many and even remote areas.  It is possible to produce 100% of the world’s energy need with renewable energy.  Energy is here.


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