Congratulations Sakhile Hlengwa on being a key player in MR South Africa 2016



Taking into consideration my area of interest and objectives (raising awareness for the youth to refrain from substance abuse, using tools such as sports and education).


I chose an organization within my parameters, which deals with relevant issues (Bobbie Bear).

Bobbi Bear was founded in July 2000 and was registered as a Nonprofit organization on the 29 October 2001 (Reg.015-208NPO).

They have a support group of staff and volunteers, they meet on Saturdays around a tree and gather together kids +\- 300 children ranging from 0-20 years of age.

These children come from the rural areas often homeless,orphaned or in need for love and care.



On day one, I had to set up an informal meeting with the owner, so that I can introduce my self and give a brief description about my mission.

I was very excited when she gladly gave me a platform, we then arranged a weekend to meet the kids.


When I met the kids on the first weekend, my main objective was to scout and identify the gaps in knowledge.

I spent a day with them doing deferent activities and I had so much fun.



Although there were varieties of options to choose from I chose to use sport as a tool (Cricket Coaching Clinic Event).


I grew up playing different sports and I’ve inherited a lot of skills and knowledge and it was a great opportunity for me to share and use some of my good influential poison.



I went to a local club to arrange playing equipment and I had to organize a young group of players from mini Cricket to motivate and inspire the kids.


On the day of the event, I gave a short motivational speech, hosted the coaching event, assisted on food and transport.

The event was a really good success, short video and images are shown.



My planning around this initiative was to make it last ( sustainability), I will be visit the kids on a regular basis to coach and monitor their progress in the sport.

I will possibly scout some hidden talent and have them registered on one of the local clubs if not starting their own club.


It was indeed a good learning experience for me in terms of event management as well as spending time with the kids, teaching them the basics and making a difference in taking the children off the streets.

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