To the women in our lives, what a blessing they bring.

To all the baby girls from the time they are small and dressed in their lacy dresses, nappies tucked in tight and hair bunched up into their first pony tail right on top of their heads.

To the young girls and how they play with their toys as though real. Spending hours tending to each ones needs and those endless tea parties with imaginary tea, milk and cookies that dads have to endure whilst smiling and pretending to have more fun than watching the sport on the TV in the other room.

To the girls who play so well with each other, sharing secrets in hushed whispers and then running with joyous laughter away from the boys when they get too close.

To the teenager girls who spend hours grooming, shaving, buffing, polishing and painting in preparation for a date for a guy who arrives in jeans, t-shirt and slops.

To the sweet 16, scary 18, wild 21, to the bridesmaids and the brides.

To the wives, who look after their husbands, giving of themselves to cook, clean, share, listen to and love. Often selfishly denying their time to relax and take time out for flu, fever and other illness. Who put up with their husbands dirty clothes on the floor, wet toilet seats, farting in the bed and bad morning breath.

To the women who transform into mothers when they first hold their baby and devote their entire lives unto the last drop of energy to their children.

And finally to the Grannies in our lives. Those special ladies who give selfishly to their grand-children even when their bones and bodies are worn out and creaky.

We all celebrate you all,  this month and for all the days to come.

About The Author

Bruce Wade
Chief Butt Kicker

Born in Zambia, educated in Jozi, then spent the next 15 years unlearning all the stuff they forced on us. Did my time in the corporate and NGO worlds. Now living in Cape Town, I have found freedom in self empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation. I am a free thinker creative with a passion for how the world fits together mathematically. I am incompetent in more ways than I am competent but willing to learn new concepts each day. I love talking to people about new ideas, strategy and world domination. I have the ideal life in mind but may never get there, but am keen to give it my best shot. I own and run the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy. It is my passion to assist people with the development of their businesses from initial ideas to enormous enterprises. Together with our team of staff and associates we push the envelope on innovation, convenience and cooperation. I am looking for a company or partnership that will challenge my thinking and creativity but also be willing to listen and use to some of my ideas and solutions.

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