L Pinn & Co is a four generation business, started in 1893. With a strong business, there are always strong women behind their successful men. With the four generations of resilient, inspirational and family-orientated Pinn women, L Pinn & Co dedicated a range of jewellery that represents each women and the era they grew up in.

Oralia Pinn

Oralia landed from Lithuania with her husband Lazar Pinn in Cape Town and settled in the early 1900s. She loved cooking and bringing her family up in a traditional Jewish home while working on building the Cape Town Jewish community and her husband did duty for the Cape Peninsula Garrison Regiment of WWI. She represents the Antique Filigree range with her class, regal representation and historic upbringing. With her elegant style of lace dresses and fur coats, the Antique Filigree range embodies this era and this intriguing woman.

Mabel Pinn

Mabel loved the arts and was passionate about music. She was a music teacher and was known as a strong, independent and tough woman.  Mabel was devoted to her family and her love of music led to her son Ronald becoming a celebrated concert pianist.  Her favourite dish was Borscht, a Jewish traditional beetroot soup. Due to her creativity and love of art, her range is represented by the Art Deco era of the 1920s to 1940s, with the style of rich colours, bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentations and symmetrical angles.

Marion Pinn

Marion passed away at the tender age of 58. Marion was from England and was known for the noble aura that surrounded her as well as her stylishness. She was a gracious woman, and was extremely proud of her family consisting of four children. She enjoyed playing tennis and bridge whilst spending a large part of her time tending to the needs of her growing family. Marion loved to travel and especially enjoyed going on the boats to England each year. Marion’s elegance, warmth and entertaining personality was greatly enjoyed at her many dinner parties where she played an excellent hostess. She had an interest in languages and taught herself French. Marion represents the classic range from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Her class and sophistication will never go out of style.

Samantha Pinn

Samantha is known for her adventurous, free spirited and creative nature. Her love of travel stemmed from her grandmother Marion. She has a passion for photography and loves to capture the beauty in nature. She enjoys dancing, the outdoors and water sports. With her love of travel and immersing herself in different cultures, Samantha represents the contemporary range. Being a modern woman in the 21st century, Samantha has grown into a strong, chic and utterly magnificent young woman.

The Pinn women represent class, elegance, style and strength. They have helped their men succeed, been exposed to various eras and trends and have always ensured that L Pinn & Co is a successful leader in the jewellery industry.

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