Storm is one of SPICE4LIFE’s young talents, he is a Videographer, Video-editor, online marketer. We got to ask him to share his story, his Superhero alter ego and more about Myrsky Productions, his own company.

I live for adventure, passion, innovation and challenging myself to go beyond what society dictates as the norm. I live for film – story telling in various ways to capture emotion and knowledge that provokes people’s thoughts and internal thinking.

I love to watch foreign films, local films and well known films (modern and classics). I enjoy and value my time with family, friends and co-workers – always expanding on my knowledge about the world I live in. I love sharing ideas and knowledge to those who seek it. I highly respect those who strive and succeed even in the most complex situations.

I was inspired to do what I do, when I first watched a movie and felt motivated to do something that made a difference in people’s lives – not in the conventional ways, but to provoke knowledge, emotion and passion for others to feel what I feel when I do the things I love. I believe we all deserve to be successful and positive – because the world we live in just lacks those very things.

I define success when the day you are old and look back and say, “I have no regrets because I believe that if I make a difference in everything that I do in life, that it will inspire others to take a stand, be positive and know that they can make a difference and achieve anything that their heart desires”

What do I contribute to Myrsky Productions? I share my knowledge, skills and passion for the business.

My “switch off strategy” is watch classic films – to take me away from everything and just relax.

Honesty, deligence, organization, integrity, and positivity are the leadership qualities I most admire.

The thing that gets me through the tough times are my family, and very close friends.

My life motto is “be positive and you can achieve even your wildest dreams”

What I wish for most in life is that people are genuinely happy when others are successful, and don’t try to bring them down.

Yes, I feel like a superhero when I surprise people with the work I create and it impacts positively on their lives.

I would call on my father when in battle, as he is a good strategist and is level headed when it comes to complicated situations.

Being bullied for thinking and being different in my junior high school days.

2014 was my hero year, as I entered college and studied my passion – I made a difference in society with my film creations, and I felt like my own superhero.

My super suit is a combination of Batman and Quicksilver.

My secret weapon would be being able to understand and predict people’s actions.

One place that I would save, would probably be Italy for its diverse culture, the arts and the food.

If I was not busy saving the world I would be learning about the history of the world.

When I was asked to repay for saving the world, I would celebrate by creating an international holiday where people celebrate their lives.

My ultimate superpower is: Being able to read people’s minds, and capture on film what exactly they want whilst being able to go beyond their expectations.

The “thing” that I think we need in order to save the world is: Infrastructure and equality.

My Superhero Mantra is to speak less, and listen more.


More about Myrsky

Myrsky Productions vision is to be an internationally recognized brand known for its diversification in film production, music production, marketing and branding delivering  disruptive  production methodology that sets the benchmark not only for South Africa, but internationally, and sharing this knowledge with  young passionate individuals on their path to live their dreams.

Myrsky Productions mission is to utilize and create unique methods in film production that set the benchmark for film, marketing, branding, and music production, whilst delivering on the clients brand promise

Myrsky Productions values are structure and creativity. To be used in a unique way that allows audiences to easily connect physically, mentally and emotionally with the message being portrayed that encompasses the brand’s promise. It also “creates to create” we strive not only to set the bench mark and challenge ourselves to be the very the best we are, but also to inspire young entrepreneurs and film makers to go beyond what society dictates and challenge the norm, and create a global network of like-minded young individuals to think beyond what is physically apparent.

Myrsky Productions offers services in many forms such as branding advice and strategies, film post & preproduction and graphic design.

The company Myrsky Productions was founded in late 2014 by Storm Manson, whom as an individual has great vision and ambition for his talents in film making, video editing and online marketing. With 5 years’ experience, the company has a distinct advantage over other similar competitors due to the knowledge gained during its founding period whilst delivering its promise in a multifaceted niche. It is now delivering on its mission by setting the bench mark in a unique method of brand communications in film production.

As an individual, the founder, Storm Manson, a young entrepreneur has sought to live his passion and dreams and share his skills and knowledge with people in a way that has never been done before. In an ever growing and competitive niche faced with much older, more experienced film producers and advertisers, he has challenged them against all odds to redefine what we know as film and film production and leave a legacy for young entrepreneurs to be able to express themselves and live their passion. 5 years later, he started Myrsky Productions with the experience and knowledge gained over the years to fulfill his dreams and start a legacy of “unique story telling” in brand communications through film.

Myrsky Production has set short term, medium term and long term goals all aimed to achieve the ultimate goal of being South Africa’s first and best film Production Company, simultaneously focusing on different parts of advertising and brand communications. Myrsky will be a production house for the arts in music, film, photography, advertising, branding, and online marketing, and all under one roof. The ultimate dream is to be one of the big names in film known internationally as the youngest, yet biggest corporation in film that is similar yet unique to companies such as MGM, Warner Bros and Universal Studios.

Myrsky Productions is definitely seeking to spread the word about society, community and help convey messages to the world about specific issues that need to be addressed.

Storm Manson, is a sole producer and editor of all film within Myrsky Productions, 5 years’ experience and an immeasurable amount of passion when it comes to film. Young, innovative and dedicated to creating nothing short of a masterpiece.


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