terese lann-welinTerese Lann-Welin is Communication Manager at Wise Economy, a non-political, non-profit international organisation for the development of women’s and young people’s entrepreneurship worldwide. We got Terese to answer some questions in order to find out what her SPICE4LIFE is, and what makes her so MARVEL-lous.

What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that you live for? That you are passionate about? That excites and motivates you?
Using my voice for those who have no voice.

My SPICE4LIFE, the thing that I love to do, share, be…
Eat. I love to eat. And cooking. One thing leads to another.

I was inspired to do what I do because …
Of my mom.

I define success as follows …
Waking up happy in the morning uber-ready to start working!

My main contribution to the business is …
My differentness. Let’s pretend there is such a word. I like twisting things around.

My best “switch-off” strategy is..
I switch of when I get to talk to one of my dearest friends over a glass of wine. No need to tailor your words – just go for it!

The leadership qualities I most admire are …
Making people think they came up with the solution themselves.

The thing that gets me through the tough times….
Are Markus, my husband, the friendly giant. He just gets me.

My life’s motto is …
“You can have it all. Not just all at once.” –Oprah. That’s one clever lady.

The thing I wish for the most is …
Happiness for all!

Do you consider yourself a superhero? Why/Why not?
Of course. All women are superwomen! Like having babies, if that’s not a superpower what is?


Well, we think that you MARVEL-lous! So….


If you could choose one person to call on when ‘in battle’, who would it be?
Like in a fight? Markus! My husband. He is HUGE! A cat fight? My bff Caroline. She is a pitbull with a lizard tongue. When I battle my thoughts? My sister. She can shed positiv light on anything.

What was the toughest battle you ever had to over come?

When did you officially become a hero… when was your big break?
When I realized that giving was the greatest emotion ever.  And I think I realized that quite late in life. Maybe when I was in my early 20s.

What does your super suit look like?
Haha! Love this question. Probably something comfy. Like a one-piece in XXL. In black. I love black.

What is your secret weapon that you save to help you against only the toughest of villains?
My written word. I’m a great writer when needed.

If there was only one place in the world you could save, where would it be?
The ocean. That is a place right? Without the ocean we’ll all die.

What do you do when you are not saving the world?
I’m sleeping. It’s my greatest hobby. I sleep a lot.

If we had to repay you for saving the world, how would we celebrate?
With doing something great for others until everybody everywhere are satisfied with the way the live. I would love to be the instigator for that.

What is your ultimate superpower?
I’m never late.

What is the “thing” that you think we need in order to save the world?
Understanding and forgiveness!

My superhero mantra is…
“Like a goose, like a goose”  If anything is bothering me (thoughts, people, things I’ve said). Or… “green apples, green apples” if something is nasty.

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