All women can use a bit of fashion-love this Valentine’s Day and with a few tips on new ways to wear clothes and accessories that have been in your wardrobe for ages, loving your look every day is possible.  Knowing how to make your wardrobe work for you will not only save you money, it will make you feel like a million dollars every day.

Although it is important to reflect your own style in your outfits, these universal tips can help women of all ages and body shapes feel trendy this Valentine’s Day.   Implementing one or more of these 5 tips can take your everyday look to the next level, says Léana Duffus, owner at Jade Moon Boutique.

  1. A cool way to wear your belt – Wear any longer belt as a waist belt by tying an arty knot in your belt. This look will not only make you appear funky and fashionable, but will also make a standard blouse look more trendy and slimming.  Also try this with a plain dress for the perfect Valentine’s Day evening look.
  2. A knot in your top can make for a fashionable look – Make a pièce de résistance out of any top and make it look super trendy by tying a knot in the hem of the shirt.  This look adds a high-street fashion flavour to an otherwise normal top, streamlines your silhouette and is the perfect look for a Valentine’s Day lunch.
  3. Add a summer hat – To make a day-time Valentine’s Day date special, wear a sexy summer hat with a summer dress to lift your outfit.  Unfasten your hair and wear your hat with pride. 
  4. Try high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in shirt – Make any shirt look cool by tucking it into a trendy high-waisted jean.  By buying one pair of high-waisted jeans you can add a lot of options to your wardrobe, as almost any shirt or blouse can pair well with them.  For a special touch, wear a button-down shirt with your high-wasted jean.  This look is effortless, classy and trendy.
  5. Accessorise for a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day– Wear a printed scarf and dangly red earrings with a plain red top, or add a dash of red in the form of a plain scarf to your staple outfit.  That way, the minimalists among us can still participate in the fun.

Whatever look you choose, remember that loving yourself is the greatest gift of all!

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