It’s that time of the year again! Say goodbye to your social life and bring on the long dreaded nights filled with study session after study session. Life feels to be dragging at this point, but what if I told you that I have the ultimate survival guide to help you get through it (sounds crazy- but trust me).


I was always the type to leave everything for last minute, from primary school right through to college, and hey I managed to get through it all successfully. Not having the greatest memory meant that I could only start studying 2-3 days before an examination. Yeah, and that meant that the pressure hit me 10 times harder. For the life of me, studying a week before a paper was out of the question, because by the time the exam came by I almost always forgot everything.


During this time I learnt that I could survive this rough period if I just came up with my own little “survival” guide. I started of with the obvious:

Building a study time table: This study table had everything from what subject I would do on what day to which section I needed to get done by a specific time. I would say that this is a vital part of studying, it helps stay organized and also helps you prioritize. Study break times were also included in my study time table.


Yummy treats: Who doesn’t love a good treat every now and again. Reward yourself once you have conquered a section with a slice of pizza or a chocolate- or whatever tickles your fancy.


Turn study breaks into “me” time: There’s nothing quite like some time alone. Admit it, we all love to have some peace and quiet doing whatever we want. Lot’s of people neglect themselves during the exam period and this is terrible. So turn your study break time into “me” time. For that 15-20 minute break do you. Give yourself a mini facial or a quick pedi. Just do something for yourself.


Trade the coffee for some tea: Tea is a better option, always! Coffee contributes to the stress hormone called cortisol, which at this period you kind of need to avoid. Yeah coffee might keep you up for longer, but that doesn’t mean that your concentration levels are going to increase.


Study smart, not hard: Paying attention in class is key! If you pay attention during lectures, 50% of your work is done! Don’t be the person who slacks in attending lectures, it’ll just be harder for you come exam time.


Stay positive: No matter what you do in life, positivity is key! So next time you have to study for your worst subject dont plant negative thoughts into your head like, ” Ahh I hate this subject, its so annoying.” Instead take the road to positivity and instead tell yourself stuff like,”I’m going to own this subject, lets do this.” Trust me, you’ll notice a difference


Lastly have faith in yourself! You are a strong individual and your success lies in your own hands. go get ’em tiger!


About The Author


Writing gives me the chance to reach out to just about anyone, which I completely love because I’m a people’s person. Being heard by people is one of the greatest things. I firmly believe that imperfections are the things that make people perfect. It’s about taking the negative and turning it into the positive. Inspiring people is one of my strengths; I want to help make the world a fabulous place! Chocolate is the greatest invention ever, yes it’s got nothing on your smart phone! Chocolate is my cure for anything and everything. I am married to my best friend for the past couple months, I’m insanely in love with him and I live for being with him. The heart wants what the heart wants, its beyond my control.

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