In celebration of World Environment Day today, Butterfly World Zoo announces its crowdfunding campaign for this popular family tourist attraction.


Kiki and Bruce are vervet monkeys and recent arrivals. As previously-owned pets they needed a safe and caring place to enjoy the rest of their lives. These are only two of over 700 small wild animals that have found a sanctuary just off the R44 in Klapmuts.


Under the World Environment Day theme of “Connecting people with nature”, Butterfly World Zoo has over 100 000 visitor each year and serves a vital link in educating young and old to appreciate wild animals and that they should not be captured or bought as pets. Appreciate, don’t keep is their mantra.


“Its unpredictable which animals we receive from homes that can cannot cope with the ‘cute and cuddly’ wild pet that has grown into uncontrollable adults and want to get rid of them”, says Esther vd Westhuizen. She has owned and grown the zoo exhibits for 21 years and networks extensively with zoos around the world.


With over 122 species to care for, the team have embarked on a venture with ThundaFund to raise R75 000 to support the new, outdoor habitat for Kiki and Bruce over an area of 200 sq meters. Rescued animals are often not able to return to their natural habitat as we don’t know their birthplace. They are already exposed to human and domestic animal diseases and may infect wild populations not immune to these.


So, facilities and educational ventures are crucial to enlightening people to appreciate the characteristics of wild animals. “Butterfly World Zoo has a variety of animals and birds that are our ambassadors to carry the message to all that wild animals are not suitable as pets. Let them be wild!” concludes Vd WEsthuizen


Butterfly World Zoo currently cares for over 700 small, captured wild animals most of which are donations from previous pet owners or conservation authorities. With the exception of the butterflies, all the inhabitants are rescued and in need of a safe and caring home. More than 122 species of rescued animals are at one address on the R44 near Klapmuts, close to Cape Town, South Africa. Butterfly World Zoo has an urgent need for additional specialised accommodation to provide the bespoke environment so these animals can live out a life of dignity. Please note that operational costs are covered by entrance fees so all funds raised are project specific.

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