Many people have hobbies. These are generally activities that bring them immense amounts of joy and leave them feeling relaxed. Often times these hobbies drastically improve their quality of life because of the fun they have. Unfortunately, there are many people who feel that hobbies are too expensive to afford or their life is simply too busy to include outside activities. But going to work and home again, day in and day out, is simply not a high-quality lifestyle. Spending your free time doing something that adds value to your life is a must.


Partaking in hobbies can drastically benefit your life. For one thing, you’ll find yourself part of a new community of like-minded people which is nothing to sneeze at. A community of people and potential new friends can bring you a lot of happiness considering for some, the only community they truly have are the people they work with. If you’re looking for a creative outlet or to explore a deep-seated passion of yours then a hobby could be the answer. However you’d like to ideally spend your free time, there’s likely a club or group of people out there who are on the same path as you.


Here are some hobbies that many people find fulfilling and that’ll improve your life.


Dirt under your fingernails

Well, you don’t have to actually get dirt under your nails because you can always invest in gardening gloves. But gardening has brought lots people a lot of joy for many years. Many of us had grandparents who spent their retired years in their gardens. But the fact of the matter is that gardening is ultimately you reconnecting with nature. Growing something through care and love which results in a beautiful end result. There’s a lot of fulfilment to be had in this hobby. Trying out new plants, growing your own vegetables and knowing that you’re positively affecting the environment around you can be a wonderful experience. And, according to an Australian study, gardening reduces dementia in the elderly by 36%.


Cook up a storm

Many of us cook because we have to put food on the table nightly for our kids. The problem is that, kids don’t appreciate culinary delights. And there’s very little joy in making the same old mac ‘n cheese that you’ve made for years. Don’t let your kids and family squash your love of cooking. Rather join a culinary club, begin a neighbourhood Masterchef event, or sign up for cooking classes. After all, it’s been suggested that people who make an effort to cook their meals at home with fresh ingredients are simply healthier individuals.  


Be captivated by nature

If you’re an outdoorsy person then go off and discover the ways in which you can enjoy the mountains and the sea. There are a variety of options available. In fact, the outdoor crowd is a burgeoning one with many hiking, rock climbing and sailing clubs – to name a few. You may need some training and lessons first before heading out on an organised trip but there’s nothing stopping you once you know how to remain safe. A quick search for sailing courses in Cape Town or Durban or any of the coastal towns will point you in the right direction. Similarly, if you’d like to try out rock climbing then consider first trying it out at a climbing gym. But don’t let the fact that you’re a first-timer stand in your way. There’s nothing more exhilarating that heading outdoors on an adventure you’ve been longing for.


Rhythm is a dancer

Let’s face it, going out dancing is reserved for those who are footloose and fancy-free. You and your partner might have ripped up the floor in your dating years but as we get older we don’t allow ourselves that pleasure anymore. However, if gliding around a dance floor to your favourite beats is something you’d enjoy then don’t let anything stop you from joining a dance school. There are schools available for anyone of any age and for couples. Often socials are organised where you can dress up for a swanky night out to squeak a takkie.


If you want to live your best life then do so. It’s never too late to start and there’s no age limit on anything. Be safe but remain curious and adventurous always. Simply going to work, returning home and spending your free time in front of the TV or computer is at best boring and at worst a bit depressing.


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I was born in the Eastern Cape, close to the waves. After getting my degree in Media, Communication and Culture, I knew it was time to make my way to a big city. Not wanting to leave the ocean, Cape Town was the natural choice for me. At first I thought the fast paced world of marketing. But I never forgot that what I'd always wanted to do was write. Now I'm a freelance writer, where my office is my bedroom and my platform is the World Wide Web. I live with my partner and our two beloved Great Danes. When not reading or writing you can probably find me on the beach or exploring nature trails.

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