South Africa has achieved the second United Nations Development Goal: Achieve Universal Primary Education. What the goal is now drawing on is that South Africa needs to focus on the quality of education received. According to the World Bank, empirical research has shown that children who are enrolled at ECD centers which are of a high standard have shown to have a more prosperous education, have advanced social and emotional skills and show better verbal, intellectual and physical development. Another significant finding is that children receiving better quality ECD programs are less likely to drop out of school and have less grade repetition, both of which are common realities for many children who reside in poorer communities.

We are making education a positive and possible experience for children in the Masiphumelele region. In Masiphumelele, which means ‘we will succeed’, life is hard for its residents. Besides facing a severe lack of infrastructure and healthcare, as well as an absence of law enforcement, the children in the community desperately need more schools. The City of Cape Town mayoral committee confirms that Masiphumelele remains one of the city’s most vulnerable communities in terms of the Socio-Economic Status (SES) Index.

Bhongolethu Foundation is an emerging Non Profit Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, with a mission to provide quality education of exceptional standards to disadvantaged communities. We aim to give our children the best education following the latest teaching trends and methods. This will provide the children with the important skills they need to grow holistically into young adults. We believe education is paramount to South Africa’s growth and success and Bhongolethu Foundation will provide its children with the best education to support their future opportunities.

Bhongolethu Foundation’s secondary objectives are to address its learners’ individual needs by diminishing their identified disadvantage through the creation of opportunity for development with a progressive educational syllabus in addition to that ordinarily prescribed. Bhongolethu shall seek to –

• provide a diverse, multicultural and absolutely non-discriminatory approach, where diversity is valued and a closely held principle;

• provide a safe place of instruction for its learners that protects both their physical and emotional welfare;

• provide education that will address the individual needs and enhance the lives of its learners, their parents and their communities;provide remedial lessons for its children with impediments to learning;

• provide children with a mentoring and support program.

Bhongolethu Foundation’s first project of an Educare is opening in January 2016. The school is looking bright and colorful – ready for the minds of the little children to learn and grow. We are committed to moulding emotionally sound children that are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to fulfill their learning potential. But the Foundation still needs the help of the community to make our dreams for a better future, a reality.

Through ThundaFund, Bhongolethu is running a fundraising campaign, to cover education consumables, meals (breakfast and lunch) for the children, art supplies, outings and running costs. The fundraiser has 7 more days to go and is still in need of community support. To show your support and make a donation of any kind, you can head over to ThundaFund Bhongolethu Foundation

For more Information about the Foundation, below are the Website Details:

Instagram: Bhongolethu_foundation


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

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