Living Life Purposefully – By Jane Chetty

Purposeful living is about understanding your constitution with the Universe and often termed self realisation. Gandhi saw his public work as his pathway to self realisation. He said, “for only by service to humankind could one draw close to truth, to ultimate reality, and thus to one’s own deepest self.” Ultimately discovering life purpose is all about discovering your service to humanity. Now you don’t have to be famous to live a purposeful life; you don’t have to be famous to make a great contribution to the world. It is all about living authentically; leading your life on your own terms. Refusing to accept the assumptions others make on how life should be lived. It is about recognising your special talents, skills and abilities that are unique to you, that you are inspired from within to do, and then using that in whatever capacity to serve. A purpose driven life is one lived according to your highest priorities. Therefore each day has more meaning and your actions inspiring, giving you a sense of fulfilment.

In the vast, expansive and infinite potential that exists within and around us how come we are creating the same realities year after year and millions feel uninspired by the life they lead? Is it possible that we are so conditioned to our daily lives that we believe that we have no control at all? We are bombarded by huge amounts of information coming into our senses. Could it be that we are conditioned to believe that what is outside of us has more power than the world inside of us?

If you haven’t yet discovered your life purpose it is because you were not given enough knowledge about your magnificent self. No one has taught you how to dream better. It was Oprah that said “when you know better you do better.” It is only our false perception of us and the world, that hold us back from believing that what we want we don’t deserve. For the average person in the world who considers their life boring or uninspiring it is because they have made no attempt to gain knowledge and information that will inspire them. When we start asking new questions the old concepts of our self dissolve as we receive new insight.

In truth our soul is constantly trying to guide us to the truth about ourselves but the signal is very much like a radio station with too much static and as a result the message gets distorted. What blocks us from receiving the guidance is a big cloud called memory and imagination. According to Dr John Demartini these are just illusions we live in that keep us victims of our history instead of masters of our destiny. All through our lives we get told who we are supposed to be and what we should do by different authority figures. Our vision of what we want to be and do and have is a bit blurry but we set out on our destination anyway. On our journey we stop along the way for directions from different people we meet on our path. These directions often conflict but we take it because we place more authority on the voices outside of us. We eventually get to our destination frustrated, tired, uninspired and find that it is not what we wanted in the first place.

Now imagine what it would be like to know exactly where you are going based on the authority of your own souls calling. Imagine not having to stop along the way to ask for directions but instead having the Universe as your very own GPS. Imagine knowing that everything on your path whether perceived good or bad is serving you in the manifestation of your life purpose. And imagine being inspired each day to do whatever it takes and pay whatever price to become all your soul is guiding you to become. Imagine “doing” with effortless ease no discipline required; where sacrifice is not in your vocabulary. Imagine “becoming” like grass does not try to grow it grows.

It starts with asking deep questions into new ways of being and knowing. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Where do we come from? We live in a world were we see only the tip of the iceberg until we start asking the questions that probe deep into our psychology. Become a seeker of the truth. If you seek the truth about you, you will find the truth about you. It was Einstein that said “A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be.” The answers are all there. It is revealed in your life experiences. It is revealed in what brings you to tears of inspiration. It is revealed in what you have a deep desire to learn. It is revealed in your hearts longing. The Universe is constantly giving you clues; if you seek it will be revealed. Make a commitment to understand yourself and the world around you in a deeper way. Formulate what you want to be and attune your actions to it. The only thing that is real is your life purpose.

You are more magnificent than you think you are and you can influence the world. You have a powerful soul…discover your greatness and live it because you are worth it.

~ Jane Chetty

“When you are inspired by some great purpose…
Your mind transcends limitations, and your consciousness expands in all directions…
Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be”

~ Patanjali

For information on discovering, defining and manifesting your Life Purpose contact Jane Chetty, Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Life Coach & Speaker, Founder of Live Your Greatness

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