Whether you once committed to getting those six-pack abs, getting promoted at work or finally establishing your side hustle – there’s no reason why you can’t overcome the obstacles standing in the way of you getting your work and fitness goals back on track. 

The vast array of online exercise apps and platforms make it easier than ever to train at home and stay on track with our fitness regime before or after your working day. 

We’ve put together great ways to get you back on track to achieving your goals in 2021. 

Create a dedicated workout space at home

The first step to a fitter and healthier you in 2021 is setting a training space aside at home. To do this, find an area or room where you can keep any equipment organised and separated from the main living space. This dedicated gym environment will help you go into “the zone” with every workout session.  

The right frame of mind when exercising at home is essential. Make sure to remove or at least minimise distractions ahead of the workout by muting phone notifications, turning off the TV, taking your pets to a different room, or even putting a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

“Personal trainers can help you plan your workouts and eating plans, and many include an app like Lifesum into their programmes as extra support,” says Mapule Ndhlovu, a South African personal trainer. “This makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your progress and achieve your fitness goals – and for your trainer to give you feedback on what you’ve achieved.”

Use online resources to start your side-hustle 

If you’ve ever envisioned starting your own small business, then now might be the best time to do so! Research by Mastercard shows that people realised the benefits of online shopping during the lockdown – revealing that 68% of South African consumers shopped more online since the onset of the pandemic. No better time than the present to connect with potential clients online. 

“People have been finding ways to work during the lockdown, setting new goals and just doing things in unconventional ways,” says Mohale Motaung, actor, model and CEO of GlamTroupe and SomhaleF. “Now’s the time to find your passion and ways to make money out of it. It’s never too late to start!”


Keep both body and mind performing at their best 

Your body and mind need fuel to keep going and overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of you meeting your goals, whether they’re for your fitness or your career. A balanced diet along with essential B-group vitamins will keep you performing at your best by not only helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue but keeping you revitalised, too.  

“As a professional athlete, I need to maintain both physical and mental fitness at all times, so I need the right fuel to operate optimally – but the same is true for anyone who wants to invest in their physical and mental wellbeing,” says Lukhanyo Am, Sharks and Springbok rugby player. “I plan carefully to get the daily requirements of essential vitamins and nutrients, like those found in Red Bull, so I can be sure to achieve my training and fitness goals.” 

While, on the surface, fitness and career goals appear to be separate and unrelated things, the similarities are stronger than most people might realise. They both require you to stay mentally and physically sharp so you can keep performing at your best, and to keep feeding your body and mind with knowledge, the right nutrients and the determination to stay on track – a winning formula that can bring you a step closer to your work and fitness goals.  

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