Turning thirty is a big deal. You might think that you became an adult and received the key to life at 21 but to be honest, you’ve probably been mucking about for most of your twenties. Don’t worry, that’s what most of us have been doing. However, if you’re fast approaching your thirties then you’re likely to be counting the ways in which you’ve finally grown up. How are you faring so far?


Here’s a little insight into what you really should know now that you’re entering your thirties.

Know how to make food for yourself

You don’t need to love cooking, nor do you need to love entertaining and playing MasterChef for your friends. But you do need to know how to feed yourself. You need to know how to create meals that offer you nourishment, support a healthy diet and that you enjoy. You cannot live on toast, boiled eggs and noodles.


Know how to exercise

Understand how to exercise. There are many people who don’t enjoy the gym, who believe that they’ll never enjoy exercise and therefore give up on the idea altogether. However, exercise is important and living a sedentary lifestyle will make you sick. By the time you’re thirty you need to know what type of exercise you enjoy and how to fit it into your life. This could be anything from evening walks with your bestie to early morning yoga sessions or weekends away rock climbing. Notice how I never mentioned one gym session? That’s because keeping fit and healthy is not reserved for those who want to hit the gym and workout – fit and healthy is a life goal for everyone.


Know how to save up some cash

Even if you’re still struggling financially you must have an idea of how to save and begin trying to put the bare minimum away. You should also investigate different saving options such as retirement annuity plans. By understanding and remaining somewhat abreast of financial market news you might even try your hand at investing in the likes of Satrix. Whatever you choose to do, knowledge is power and by the time you’re thirty you should have an inkling of how you plan to proceed in securing your financial future.


Know how to fail

Yep, you have to know this one. It’s vitally important to know how to deal with failure head on. To confront why you failed and understand how it happened and be able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Life is no bed of roses and knowing how to learn from your failures as opposed to sulking and placing blame is crucial to a happy and successful life. If you know how to do this by the time you’re thirty then you’re setting yourself up for an excellent run of the next decade.

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