Mentholatum SA, a health & wellness company and providers of non-prescription pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics products to consumers, has announced the launch of its #JourneytoConfidence campaign.

“At OXY, we celebrate the uniqueness of every single individual and acknowledge that everybody’s road and journey to finding their confidence, and coming into their own, is distinctive to them,” says Lisa Lewis, Senior Brand Manager, OXY South Africa. 

There are so many events in life that may push us, or encourage us, to dig deep and to step up. From a date to a driving lesson or leaving the nest ‐ life is full of moments and full of choices. We can either hide or use these moments as an opportunity to keep on growing. 

“The best parts in life are the unknown,” continues Lewis. They are the moments that make you nervous or make you smile. Confidence is not built sitting on your couch staring at a screen, an all too common occurrence. Confidence is built by ‘being out there’ and outside of one’s comfort zone. It involves being spontaneous, making memories and inspiring confidence in each other. “Trust yourself and find your unique confidence, together with us. OXY can’t show you the way, but we are committed to helping you get there.” 

A skincare range specifically formulated to assist those who struggle with problem skin, OXY has a huge focus on helping consumers to ‘Be Confident’. “Just as everyone’s journey to confidence is unique, so too is each consumer’s journey to optimal skin health,” says Lewis. “We feel there is a huge synergy between the two. With our consumers always at the heart of everything we do, the #JourneytoConfidence campaign was launched to inspire and encourage all our consumers to constantly strive to live their best lives and to do this in the most confident way possible. To find their own unique authenticity, whilst embracing body positivity. No one can tell you how to live your life, but we are here to help each other build confidence along the way.”

To celebrate the launch of this special campaign, OXY South Africa has coincided it with the launch of its ‘OXY WIN A CAR’ competition. Running from 1 May to 30 June 2021, one lucky OXY consumer will walk away with a VW Polo Vivo. To enter, simply buy any OXY product from your local retailer or pharmacy, head to, send a picture of your till slip and stand a chance to win!

“At OXY, it’s all about acknowledging our consumers and reminding them that we are here to walk the road with them, every step of the way,” adds Lewis.

For more information, and to find out how to stand a chance to win, pop on over to

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