ReInvention – By Ali Heathfield

I often speak of Reinventing Yourself and I use it as way to illustrate that at any time in our lives we can create a better life. Sometimes this form of ReInvention is voluntary, i.e. you choose to make a change and at others it happens due to a particular circumstance that you find yourself in. However ReInvention happens it can be exciting, terrifying, easy to do, challenging, overwhelming, scary and fulfilling.


ReInvention – What is ReInventing Yourself?
This is the process of changing multiple areas of your life in order to bring about substantial and lasting change. It can and does touch every area of your life and if you don’t take this into account the process can falter and cause overwhelm, frustration and ultimately lead to failure in one or all areas.

The causes of ReInvention can be multivariable and may include things such as a change of career, becoming a parent, starting a new relationship, finishing a relationship, creating a new business, moving to a different area or realising that the life you are currently living is not giving you a sense of purpose or worth.

In order to create an even better life you have to be honest with yourself about what you have and don’t have in the life you are currently living.This is the time to dig deep and ask yourself some hard questions.


How do you start the process of ReInvention?
In order to create an even better life for yourself you ask yourself:

1. What is it that you actually want to experience and do?
2. What do you currently have in your life that is important to you and you want to keep?
3. What do you currently have in your life that you no longer want or need?
4. What resources do you currently have that will help you to create an even better life?
5. What resources do you need to get to help you create an even better life?


Let me know if I can help or encourage you

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About The Author

Alison Heathfield
Encourager Extraordinair

Ali loves to encourage people to become the person they are meant to be. She has recently created new ways to actively support individuals who want to ReInvent themselves. She herself has “ReInvented” a few times - sometimes out of choice and sometimes out of necessity. Ali takes all of her experience, knowledge and skills and uses them not only to encourage but also to motivate, train, support and mentor those who are going through a change. She does this through one to one work, online courses, group work, facebook support group and by running weekends and retreats.

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