“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” 

― Alphonse Karr,  A Tour Round My Garden


I visited a mental health conference at the United Nations this month. It was hosted by the IBREA Foundation, an NGO focused on spreading the importance of mental welfare.  As I walked down the regal halls of the historic building, I could already sense the waves of soothing calmness coming from the conference room.


The gathering of doctors, politicians, and mostly importantly, youth, settled its attention on the inequality mental illnesses face when compared to physical illnesses. A common question in this off-kilter relationship is: how can you diagnose something you can’t see?


Our thoughts become projected in the life around us. From the moment we wake up to the final thought we experience before sleeping again, we project. As a result of this projection, we are either able to positively influence ourselves and others or do the opposite. For some, this is not a choice and that is the result of mental conditions like depression and anxiety. They too have hope. For every dark night must come to a close with a brilliant sunrise. It is a rule of nature, a fact of life.


We are not the inferior to the external conditions around us. We do not yield to circumstances submissively. The power to be happy lies within us, in the framework of our mindset. Being optimistic is not optional advice. It is a necessity for both good mental and physical health.


Speakers at the conference ranged from teenagers old and young, college students, and members of the older population, like diplomats. What was interesting to note is that every speech during that conference emphasized the importance of loving yourself, of being kind to yourself. It is so easy to fall into the dark well of self-misery and insecurity. Though we as champions were born and raised to always take on a challenge.


Practice makes perfect. Paving an enlightened mindset is a lovely exercise.

May we strengthen the positive vibes that run through our veins and let them know that they’re right to exist within us.

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To write is to paint thoughts into existence. Words are precious, containing the ability to take a reader to worlds that exist in our dreams. I seek to weave positivity into my storytelling. Currently an undergraduate student, I charter the ocean of academics, learning in school and from the outside world-- both have so much to teach me.

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