Easter weekend is almost upon us and loads of people are preparing for a well-deserved rest. But it’s a bit dangerous if that R&R gets a hold of you while you’re on the way to your destination. So, what should you do if you get sleepy en route? Here are LekkeSlaap’s stay-awake tips.


Before you hit the road. Plan well so that you’re all packed a day before and can get a proper night’s rest. Look for places you’d like to stop at along your route and limit your alcohol consumption the night before your trip.


Don’t get too comfortable. Change your surroundings as often as possible. Turn down the windows for some fresh air, switch the air-conditioner on, hop between radio stations and play with the volume. This way you have to get used to new stimuli all the time. Also avoid cruise control so the road doesn’t get too monotonous.


Work those jaws and vocal chords. Singing, chewing and talking necessitates the active movement of facial muscles which increases blood flow to the head and helps to keep you awake. If you have a travel companion, have a chat with them or play a car game like Guess that Lyric, Car Cricket or I Spy. If you’re travelling solo, a sing-along playlist is indispensable and a Chappie could be your best friend.


The right snacks. Do your road treats have stay-awake power? Avoid snacks and fluids that have a high sugar content which will make your energy levels dip after a while. Don’t consume snacks too quickly and make sure they’re not so filling that you’ll want to nap. Rather opt for treats such as biltong, seeds or nuts that release energy slowly and fluids like water and Oros which won’t make you drowsy after an initial boost like an energy drink would.


Stop every 2 hours or for the night. Most international road safety authorities advise that drivers take a break after 2 hours or 200 km on the road. So work in a few pit stops to combat the monotony of the long haul. If you know that your route is too long to complete within a day, don’t just push through. Visit LekkeSlaap.co.za and use our handy map function to search for an overnight-stay on your way.


Follow these stay-awake tips and leave the relaxation for when you reach your destination!

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