If you can’t trust your partner you can’t really love him/her. If you’re always stressing about who he/she is with and where he/she is, then you have a problem! A relationship should not involve military style interrogation either.

If your partner is sleeping with other people, he/she is putting you at risk of contracting HIV/Aids. If your partner really loves you, he/she will never put you in danger like that. There is no excuse for cheating or sleeping around. HIV is not selective, and won’t skip you just because you’re his “real” girlfriend or boyfriend. Spreading “love” around means he/she doesn’t deserve yours, so tell him/her to walk!


If your partner really loves you, you should be able to demand condom use without being afraid you’ll be shouted at. Getting tested for HIV is something you should be able to negotiate with your partner; you can only make informed decisions about your relationship if you know your status.

What love is not:


Yes, you’ll have moments of frustration and anger in any relationship, but if your partner gets so angry that he/she abuses you or forces you to do things with threats of violence, then he/she doesn’t love you. You should never be afraid to say no or to speak your mind. If one person in a relationship lives in constant fear of the other, then it’s an abusive relationship. You deserve to be in a comfortable, respectful relationship.


Having unprotected sex with someone who is having unprotected sex with any number of other people really increases your risk of contracting HIV. So, someone who isn’t faithful to you doesn’t love you! He/she could also be a loaded weapon spreading HIV!

Being in love doesn’t mean compromising yourself for your partner, and if your boy/girlfriend really loves you, he/she won’t expect you to do so. If you’re both faithful, you’ll have a stronger, more enjoyable relationship and you’ll remain HIV free!


If your partner is forcing you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, then he/she isn’t in love with love you. Asking you to have unprotected sex for clothes, food or money isn’t ok and displays a lack of love! Anyone who truly loves you will give you things out of the goodness of their heart with no expectations. Your life is worth far more than the things he’s offering you.

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