Please hold my hand. I love to feel your touch. It calms me

I feel as though love flows through you to me and back again

It makes me feel supported and interconnected

Stroke my hair and caress my skin with your gentle touch

It satiates my senses with nurturing and appreciation

Please walk with me, but don’t try and steer me

Just walk next to me as a companion without agenda, obligation or conditions

Be with me but don’t try and teach me anything

Allow me to discover my world in gentleness when my time is right

Wait patiently whilst I reach maturation like a blooming flower

Don’t rush me because my timing is perfect

It validates me when you allow me to make my own discoveries

When you surrender to my choices and bask in presence

Without the need to boast how you did it


And as I remind myself how good it feels to be nurtured and cherished

How I long to be loved unconditionally

Let me be mindful that I support you

Let me stroke your senses and soothe your stress

Let me listen without offering advice

Let me delight in watching you evolve

Without the need to challenge or judge

Let me offer my encouragement as I walk beside you

Let me always be mindful that you are sensitive as am I

May I treat you with the gentleness of a mother with her young

Always trusting that you are exactly where you’re meant to be

And that your lessons are perfect in helping you evolve


May we delight in each other’s victories

And have compassion for each other’s trials

May we savour the sweetness of our companionship in gratitude

In the knowing that we co journey for a season

May we never take each other for granted

Nor desire that which we don’t deliver

May we relish our shared experiences

As we individually find our way home.

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