May I suggest to you that the reality of the virtual world had begun to erode the very fabric of our society even to a point where human contact and real relationships have become unnecessary and an inconvenience to our day to day existence.

Let me elaborate.

The world we live in today has changed, we no longer exist in a space where reality is real and people’s opinions count for us. We live in a world where our very existence is based on the perception we create, scored only by what we think others may think about what we post. So we create this frontage of layers and post photos of our breakfast when it looks good or our office of the day with a view of the lake and swans.

Our entire existence is based on FOMO – the fear of missing out. Because if the virtual fear I create for others through my tweets, FaceBook, Instagram and Pintrest can instil fear for others then the volume of fear I feel about the non-reality world others are living equates to me feeling good about myself.

But this posting can in turn set us up for failure or success based on the comments. Oh the magical property of comments by our virtual friends. Do they Like it or love it. Do they share it with friends and write messages of support like “I hate you” or LOL or even ROTFL. Or do you get messages like “So sweet” and “thats nice” that are undermining, degrading and just downright horrid. Of even worse – no comments or likes at all.

This is when we begin to get PTS or Post Traumatic Syndrome and fall into periods of deep depression and anxiety and we refresh the screen over and over hoping something will happen.

Why is it that our very existence is now based on others, often people we have never met, will not meet and do not even know.

But this has an upside. We can create a virtual image of ourselves that includes profile pics of ourselves or an interesting body part that sets aside reality and portrays us as slim, young and intelligent. Just that way we would be if we were not real.

This take takes us on to our relationships. We can not only find friends online, but partners, lovers, hot babes willing to have hot one night stands with no string attached, just the option of a few ropes and shackles.

We can find others with the same fetish or desire as we have. We are no longer alone, there is always someone else out there with a website or chat group who feels and thinks the same way we do. Just a few clicks away and we can find our very next special friend.

Then we have the opportunity to chat with them. We can be who we want to be and they can be who they think we want them to be and we can share true love in a virtual world with smiley emoticons, virtual hugs and kisses.

Then as we progress to the magical third date, we can begin to share pictures of our body parts with ooohs and aaaahs and so sexting starts as we take part in online virtual intimacy alone together.

But not only is the virtual word of mobile and web running our reality, has it begun to destroy the very ability to communicate with others. We can no longer spell out full words or use verbs. So much of our communication has been reduced to acronyms with secret meaning and codes that alert us when parents are in the room or we think the third person in the chat room is a TI or PDLTB.

We have lost the ability to type with our fingers and the most developed muscle group in our body is now the Thenar eminence, those 3 muscles that flex and contract the thumb over the touch screen and blurring speeds.

What we need is a change, a chance of perceptions, a take back reality programme that offers us Wi-Fi Free Zones not Free Wi-Fi Zones. Places where we can be real with people, talk, share ideas, hold hands and laugh out loud together.

What we need are new rules to engaging people where we can risk ourselves and share our secrets in public as we speak without the risk of having our comments duplicated in cyber space and misinterpreted by others to fuel their own agendas.

Is it not time we took back our reality.

About The Author

Bruce Wade
Chief Butt Kicker

Born in Zambia, educated in Jozi, then spent the next 15 years unlearning all the stuff they forced on us. Did my time in the corporate and NGO worlds. Now living in Cape Town, I have found freedom in self empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation. I am a free thinker creative with a passion for how the world fits together mathematically. I am incompetent in more ways than I am competent but willing to learn new concepts each day. I love talking to people about new ideas, strategy and world domination. I have the ideal life in mind but may never get there, but am keen to give it my best shot. I own and run the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy. It is my passion to assist people with the development of their businesses from initial ideas to enormous enterprises. Together with our team of staff and associates we push the envelope on innovation, convenience and cooperation. I am looking for a company or partnership that will challenge my thinking and creativity but also be willing to listen and use to some of my ideas and solutions.

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