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Self-growth, otherwise known as “Personal Development”, can be applied to multiple aspects of one’s life. The underlying significance of this term comes down to an individual’s self awareness as well as self acceptance. However, people are bound to harbour resistance against changes regarding their abilities and outlook, which therefore creates fewer significant opportunities to achieve positive personal development.

In reality we humans do not accept that resistance to change is merely a choice of ours. We are therefore unaware that we have great power over our own actions. We must then be clear that, the more we resist opportunities to develop ourselves, the more we will remain stuck within our current existence and emotions. Resistance affects us in that it causes us to discard the immediate moment of time that we find ourselves in, and we therefore keep ourselves from altering circumstances for the better.

However, I’ve committed myself towards avoiding resistance as best I can, and instead taking full advantage of the tenacity within me. In every action I take – tenacity is the one aspect that gives me strength to achieve my goals.

Tenacity is defined as persistent determination. It is considered a good character trait since a tenacious character will achieve a goal they set despite any difficulties encountered while achieving that goal.

For many, the demands of higher education are the greatest challenges they have yet faced. On a daily basis, students are exposed to a large amount of new ideas that they must quickly grasp to meet ever present deadlines. This pitiless process is made even more difficult due to schedule conflicts with work, financial difficulties, and other personal problems. Many students are overwhelmed by it all, yet every year people graduate while others dropout. In most cases, there is only one thing that separates those that graduate from those that dropout. That one thing is tenacity. Tenacity is found in all people that succeed and it has benefits even in failure. It is the drive within an individual that keeps them from giving up. It is the power from within that allows for resistance to be avoided, and hence people with tenacious characters are more likely to succeed

Those that have tenacious characters will not quit when confronted by obstacles or when failing. In a game or in life, tenacity wants to win, and tenacity is known as the belief of, “Failure is not an option.” When failure is on the cards, tenacity is the inner voice that declares, “I will not be denied!” Whether it is known as willpower, determination, or persistence, tenacity remains a key to success. It pushes one to one’s limits or beyond because it will not accept anything less than the best. In the end, people with tenacity will win or exhaust themselves trying, but just by giving their all, they have grown.

The importance of tenacity is stressed by those that have studied success. Persistent determination is therefore a key factor in achieving success – whereas resistance is a major cause of failure. It therefore seems straight forward to think of the real meaning of tenacity, to be the ultimate success formula.

Life teaches us many lessons. It leads us along a bumpy path and sometimes it even catches us entirely off guard. If tenacity is not considered as one very important aspect of an individual’s character – then it is for the determined to firstly define a specific goal. Next, the individual should take action to achieve such a goal, and thereafter be able to notice if what is being done is working or not. An individual should remain persistent in constantly adapting their approach until the goal has been reached – and therefore not allow for resistance to interfere in the achievement of their goal. 

The value of tenacity is proven repeatedly in various success stories, and it is for this precise reason that I will never allow for resistance to impact my actions towards achieving personal goals. For me, the most important factor in life is being determined, and my tenacity will put me within reach of what I strive for. Ultimately, the level of one’s tenacity determines the level of success one achieves in life. Whether it is because of faith, love, or a deep sense of purpose, people that have tenacity will live a more fulfilling life than those that collapse at every obstacle; and of course for those that allow for resistance to keep them behind.

Through my personal development I have learnt to be tenacious and it is therefore my personal motto that the first step to a second chance is getting back up – dusting yourself off and getting back into life’s bumpy path. You cannot take on a second chance at your goals, after all, if you resist, give up or fail to remain persistently determined.

About The Author

Believing means Achieving- This is what I have faith in, and for as long as I may spread my wings and fly, my goals shall be set high and challenge is what will keep me motivated. I am currently a final year Public Relations student and absolutely believe that my passion for it will thus guide me in spreading my wings - as I shall be entering the working world soon. I speak three languages, English, Afrikaans and German. Having grown up in Namibia until I was 15, I moved to the mother city of Cape Town, where I soon became my own individual filled with love and happiness. On a daily basis, I am inspired by successful and determined entrepreneurs and thus aspire to one day reach likewise achievements. I have a passion for writing, particularly when it’s relevant to lifestyle and society aspects.

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