Can you name the most valuable brand in the world today?

If like most people, you answered Apple or Coke, you would be wrong.

That’s because your IPhone and your Coca Cola are both easily replaceable. You’re not.

And that makes BRAND YOU the most valuable brand in the world today.

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s wealthiest and who is famously followed and admired as one of the world’ s greatest investors has these words of wisdom :

“My advice. Invest in yourself ”

Very few people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into the actual horsepower of their output in life.

Potential exceeds realization for many people. YOU are the No.1 asset .

And you need to know that you can become to an enormous degree the person you want to be’

Every one of us is in marketing and selling, whether we know it or not. Beauty, Strength, Intelligence, Kindness, Wealth and Power are all ways we advertise our value as human beings.

But, there exists a catch when it comes to playing ‘the game of life’ right – and wanting to turn one’s potential horsepower into actual horse power.





This artcle is the first in  The Game Changing Series  Growing South Africans Great’

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Rob Opie  is a Brand Strategist, Key- note Speaker, Author , and Greatness Coach  to organizations and individuals .

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Rob Opie, B.Bus.Sc: UCT is a Human Brand Specialist, Key Note Speaker, Author and Brand Consultant. He is the founder of THE GAME PLAN, a specialist brand consultancy Rob started his career in the vibrant SA branding environment,working for both Multinationals and South African food companies. Running in his blood are Brands, People and Turnarounds. Rob's focus has now turned to helping people to reach the next level , with a life purpose ‘ to inspire and help people to do life better ’ In 2013 , Rob published THE GAME PLAN, which embraces potent game-changing methodologies derived from the great champions of life - what the great champions know, but coaches seldom teach. Behind it lies the ground breaking The Game Plan Method, which is currently sweeping across South Africa creating extra ordinary, stories of success and significance. In 2014 Rob published a specialist E: Booklet entitled ' Cracking the Cancer Code ", a worldwide initiative to 'change the way of the world - one life at a time. Rob believes that ordinary will not change the world. And it’s just beginning.

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