Understanding My Personality

Archetypes are at the fabric of personality development and relationship dynamics. Our relationship with ourselves and others is influenced by underlying patters of personality types. Understanding your personality can alert you to your blind-spots, and assist with relationships when facing other personality types.

An archetypal pattern which I have found useful to explore with my clients is that of inner child, parent and adult. We all have an inner child, and inner parent and potentially an inner adult. What is most interesting about this dynamic is that the inner adult archetype can only arise when the inner child and the inner parent are balanced. When they are off balance it affects our relationships. The adult archetype is missing when either the inner child or inner parent is suppressed or asserted. The adult archetype is empowered and emotionally equipped to face life with grace.

The parent and child archetype can move into a destructive lack of balance at any stage in life; for many, even as early as childhood.

A child with a suppressed child archetype:

  • Tries to parent the parents
  • Takes on too much responsibility for their age
  • Loses their natural spontaneity of being a child
  • Finds it difficult to be free, open and to receive love

An adult person who gets stuck in a child archetype:

  • Struggles with responsibility
  • Would be especially challenged if faced with the task of becoming a parent
  • If you have children it is especially important to heal your inner child so that you do not burden your children with choices are that inappropriate for their age by trying to avoid the burdens of those choices yourself

In conclusion:

  • The parent and child archetype have nothing to do with actual age, or having children or not, but everything to do with INNER LIFE and PERSONALITY.
  • You can heal your inner parent/child at any age.
  • You can heal your inner parent/child regardless of whether you have children or not.


If you lack child here are some activities you can engage in: If you lack parent here are some activities you can engage in:
Playing a game To do lists
Laughing Taking care of someone or something
Letting go of time Facing reality
Looking at things with fresh eyes Looking at detail
Opening the heart Not following the crowd


About The Author

Lisa le Roux
Life and Business Coach

Lisa le Roux is the owner of Monarch Coaching and Consulting. The business is so named because a butterfly symbolises emergence, freedom, beauty and joyfulness. A monarch is somebody who possesses exceptional power or influence in an area of activity, or something that occupies a pre-eminent or predominant position. MY PURPOSE Inspiring the emergence of freedom, love and joyfulness in the lives of those I touch. MY VISION Inspiring others towards self-mastery and fulfillment of life purpose. MY MISSION Through purposeful coaching and facilitation true potential will emerge. MY VALUES Passion; Integrity; Fulfillment; Inner Harmony Coaching is the specialised art of holding solution focused conversations. As an InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach I support my coachee's to discover the answers, insights and resources they seek, from within themselves. In this way they are inspired to become internally referenced, solution orientated and pro-active. This frees them to be all they were born to be!

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