Single in Spring

So, there are many months and seasons where having a devoted love interest is almost mandatory. Let’s break it down:


New Year’s – You have to kiss someone when the clock strikes midnight, right?

Valentine’s – What is the 14th of February without some Romeo showering you with love, affection, rose petals and teddy bears?


Autumn is barely recognisable as a season in South Africa. Everything remains almost identical to the summer months and therefore I feel it doesn’t even count as a season on its own.


Winter is, in my opinion, unbearable!

If you’re in Gauteng, everything is desertly dry, you need ten times the amount of moisturizer not to look eighty years old and it’s too freezing to even think of going out at night.

In Cape Town, it rains constantly and only driving around every hour will adequately remind you that you’re not in some drizzly English town.

Which means; the only way to survive winter is to have someone to cuddle up to and watch DVD’s with for the entire duration of this dreaded season.


It’s The Season To Be Single – tra la la la la la la la la!

With the flowers blossoming and the world coming to life again, now is the time to shed that deadweight boyfriend who only wants to lie on the couch and watch TV all day, and embrace the most beautiful season of all time, the RIGHT way:

Go on a trip with your nearest and dearest girlfriends

It’s been far too long since the four of you went on a trip without the boyfriends, husbands, children and grandmas.

Pick a sexy beach retreat and sip on Pina Colada’s until the sun goes down, then dress up in your most seductive LBD’s, hit the nightclubs and dance the night away.

If this sounds like too much of a spectacle for you, put on a glamourous designer number and feast on champagne and caviar at a nearby restaurant. You deserve every bit of the indulgence.

Organise a dinner party at your house and cook a delicious Spring Supper

No better way to celebrate the blooms and blossoms than by throwing a dinner party.

Think garden setting, white table overlays and pink flower arrangements.

Prepare light snacks, individual salads and a low carb main course. Do something fruity for dessert and be creative with the cocktails.

Get involved with a charity

Even though life, love and happiness may be springing up all around you doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone else. The winter’s blanket drives and other excellent cold weather initiatives are drawing to a close, but the needs of those less fortunate continue.

This is a great time for you to choose a charity you will be able to lend a hand to and embark on the great adventure of helping others.

Learn a new language

Remember the time when you were going to backpack around South America with your Israeli boyfriend and the plan was that you were going to find a remote little town somewhere in Argentina where you will spend a few months living off the land and learning Spanish?

Well, just because his mom forbade him from holidaying with a “Non-Chosen”, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of mastering another language altogether.

There are some excellent language schools that will be only too happy to assist. They don’t mind who you are or where you come from.

Start exercising

You can’t use the cold weather as an excuse anymore, so now’s the time to start losing, firming and toning. If having your heart literally pounding out of your chest isn’t quite your thing, investigate Pilates and yoga studios in your area.

Plan an overseas holiday

Going away with the girls was fabulous, but what about a cultural experience to Peru or a spiritual journey to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan?

I really do believe that traveling to interesting and exotic destinations broadens one’s mind, so give this a try to get to know even more about your inner self.

Can’t find anyone to go with you? Even better. Traveling solo is the best way to meet other fascinating explorers.

Try a new restaurant every week

While you’re saving up for your trip to the Andes Highlands, save a few Rands to discover all the culinary delights your own city has to offer.

Get a few friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers together and book every Tuesday for another restaurant, taking turns selecting one. No repeats allowed to make it even more challenging.

Go to a Saturday Market

With the whole world going organic, it’s time you follow suit. Or, at least on Saturdays. There are an abundance of markets around in the major cities, predominantly offering healthy eats and at least a glass of bubbly or two.

This is also a festive way to meet or be around others taking a break from city life.

I trust these will give you some great ideas on how to sail through spring and enjoy every moment of it.

We can start stressing about spending New Year’s alone a little later.

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