Meeting someone special and getting those butterflies in your stomach is a really great feeling. Sometimes you know immediately that this person is exactly right for you. And sometimes you may need to sit down and think about it carefully.

It’s not always easy deciding whether you should date someone or not, especially if you haven’t had the best experiences in the past. So, here are some tips on what matters and doesn’t when it comes to choosing a partner.

It doesn’t matter what they do for a living

So, you’re a lawyer and they work at a club? So what? You’re not dating their career. Even if you define yourself by your career it doesn’t mean that they have to. They may even introduce you to a whole new way of looking at things. Income doesn’t matter either, but that should go without saying. Just as long as you don’t have to support them financially from day one.

It does matter that they have goals and ambitions

Whether they love their job or just see it as a way to make money, they should at least be passionate about something. Do they have a hobby they plan to take to the big leagues? Do they want a family. There are many different kinds of goals people can have and they don’t have to financial.

Their relationship history doesn’t matter

So, they haven’t had much success with relationships in the past? Not everyone has. The fact that you’re looking to date someone new means that you haven’t had the greatest success in the past either. Don’t judge someone on their past relationships (unless they were violent or abusive).

It does matter whether they treat you right

They need to treat you well. That’s what really matters. It’s not about sending you flowers everyday or taking you for fancy dinners. They need to respect you, listen to your opinions and take you seriously. They shouldn’t be offensive or condescending.

It doesn’t matter what car they drive

It doesn’t matter whether they’re driving a Ferrari or searching for used BMW cars for sale. Honestly, their material possessions shouldn’t matter at all. You should focus on what you have and what you want. What they own shouldn’t influence your decision in the slightest.

It does matter that they’re willing to go out of their way for you

Anyone who is willing to inconvenience themselves to help you out (or simply to see you) is a keeper. And, of course, you should do the same for them. You don’t want to date someone who is selfish and always puts themself first.

At the end of the day, you simply want someone who is going to keep you happy and make you feel loved.







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