An upswing in economic and international investment growth in Mauritius are currently creating the perfect opportunity to invest in the exciting smart city development Mon Trésor.

The project is a smart, connected and groundbreaking new development opportunity situated in the south-east of Mauritius with beautiful modern villas, a beach club, a state of the art mall and even a film studio in the pipeline. An international airport is only 4 minutes away with 38 direct  connecting flights. The entire world is only 4 minutes away from your business.

The World Bank named Mauritius as the best African country to trade in. In 2016 this island with a population of approximately 1.3 million people, boasted a 3.8% economic growth. “The entry value proposition is extremely good at the moment. The Mauritius Board of investment made an announcement that foreign investors can now own from six million rupees upward, attracting a lot of international investment,” says Andrew Thompson, development and sales director for eLan Property group.

“Mauritius is situated in the Golden Triangle, connecting Asia, Africa and Australia. Renowned worldwide as a land of opportunities, Mauritius is a place of convergence for secure business and serene living. A leading economy in Africa, Mauritius attracts foreign investments as a result of its political and economic stability, skilled bilingual workforce, excellent infrastructure and light fiscal regime, the island has become an attractive destination for foreign investors,” Thompson adds.

Considering the islands relative closeness to South Africa, it is fast becoming the new hotspot for real estate. Mon Trésor brings Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban together in one property. The climate of Durban, the feel of Cape Town and the business power of Johannesburg – the perfect balance between easy and proficiency is created.

The Mauritian inflation rate is 1.2%, unemployment stands at 7.9% and this multi-ethnic, bilingual nation is a picture of sustained economic growth and political stability. Multi-ethnic Mauritius translates to ancestral traditions, colourful cultural celebrations and some of the best cuisines of the world.

Thompson adds: “Concerning practical everyday requirements and needs, Mauritius lacks nothing to make daily life easy: banking, quality medical services, shopping and educational facilities abound. With the number of private institutions offering an international curriculum in English or French and private student carriers operating all over the island, children schooling is no problem at all.”

Magnus Heystek, investment strategist and director of Brenthurst Wealth Management, states that certain structural issues in South Africa cannot be ignored and it compels you to consider other places. “We all have become progressively poorer, unless we have done certain things in our investment strategies,” he says.

With individual as well as business tax benefits and a foreign residency scheme it is apparent that the democratic Mauritian government welcomes international investments and growth. With only 15% on personal and corporate tax, no tax on dividends and no property or land tax. The government signed a double taxation avoidance agreement with over 50 countries.

According to the Mauritian government they established the property development scheme (PDS) to attract high net worth non-citizens who want to acquire residences in Mauritius. The PDS is a follow-on program from the existing integrated resort scheme (IRS) and the real estate scheme (RES). Buyers of a residential unit valued over USD 500,000 in certain projects are eligible to apply for a residence permit in Mauritius. The residential unit can also be let out by the owner.”

Mon Trésor is a futuristic smart paradise that connects similar minded people. Delegates at the first roadshow found these aspects most valuable:

“The exposure to the main property development opportunities on the island, as well as the various players to assist in investing on the island, is very convenient,” said Colin Sher, property developer that was part of the roadshow.

Only 4 minutes away from the international airport, Mon Trésor is an ideal location for an eco-conscious, innovative and connected island city. It is a fresh start opportunity located on one of the fastest growing and breathtaking islands in Africa.

Trading between the environments smart cities creates a laid-back, yet growing experience. In Mauritius, one is spoilt for choice between land and sea; spectacular championship golf courses, deep-sea fishing or diving; relaxing catamaran cruises and thrilling kite surfing, quad-biking and hiking in the midst of nature – exploring parks and discovering sensational panoramas that count among the island’s best kept secrets.

For more information, visit Mon Trésor’s website at, or Facebook (@eLanPropertyGroup), Instagram (@elanpropgroup) and Twitter (@elanpropgroup).

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