I have always been a lover of fabulous things and the French brand Diptyque, is most certainly one of my all-time favourite brands. Itwas therefore an absolute pleasure and privilege to feature my art alongside such an iconic brand in April this year when they hosted a “Meet the Artist” event for me at their flagship store in New York.


Diptyque was founded at 34 Boulevard St-Germain, Paris in 1961 by three friends, one of which was an artist. Together they opened a boutique – a kind of chic bazaar – a precursor to the contemporary concept store that was to follow. The company produces a high-end line of scented candles, perfumes, face and body care.  It derives its name from Ancient Greek δίπτυχος and refers to a painting or sculpture composed of two panels. 


My adventure with Diptyque began on my first trip to New York in March last year, whilst waiting for my hotel room to be ready.  I headed across the road to the Columbus Circle Shopping Centre to pass the time. There I had the pleasure of connecting with the dynamic Steven Toman, store manager of Diptyque’s flagship store in New York.


Says Steve, “When Ali came waltzing into our boutique her outgoing and friendly personality, her wicked sense of humour plus the fact she loved Diptyque, ensured an instant liking of her. Of course, her fabulous art resonated with us here at Diptyque so plans were put in place to do an event for her when she came back to New York the following year for her inaugural art exhibition.  And that’s how our Meet the Artist event was formulated for Thursday, 19 April this year.

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