The Kingdom of Swaziland, also known for being Southern Africa’s landlocked monarchy, is home to a thriving culture, wildlife and nature reserves. One of the major drawcards for tourists throughout the year has to be the unsurpassed splendor of Swaziland’s scenery.


When visiting this remarkable country, take some time to appreciate some of the wonders unveiled from a couple of Swaziland’s prestigious locations.


Enter the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and take a hike up to the summit of the illustrious Execution Rock, also known as Nyonyane Mountain. On your 3-4 hour hiking trail, stop by at the Nyakato viewpoint where you can take a few minutes to revel in the beauty of the Mantenga waterfall, Usushwana Valley and Sheba’s breasts. This 110m high granite rock exposes some of nature’s golden gems.


Delve into some Swazi history by spending time at one of the largest San art displays hosted in the Nsangwini Rock Shelter. This historical site comprises of spiritual ritual (either or – doesn’t read lekker) recordings and iconic moments dating back as long as 4000 years ago. Accompanied by the Nsangwini community members who manage and maintain the site, you will not only gain more historical insights but also enjoy pristine views as you walk through the community.


For visitors intrigued by abundant wildlife and incredible views, travel 10km outside Swaziland’s capital city, Mbabane to the world’s largest granite rock dome, Sibebe Rock. Take a 1.5hrs – 2.5hrs guided walk to explore the vast birdlife, plant life, caves and prestigious waterfalls adorning the Kingdom of Swaziland. This unique piece of art, aged at an estimated 3 billion years offers a sense of complete serenity.


Located a bit further from Mbabane, roughly 65km north is Pigg’s Peak. Pigg’s peak is prominent for its first recording of gold deposits in 1872. Today, this area is recognized for its breath-taking mountain view, best experienced from the Maguga Viewpoint restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the immaculate Maguga Dam providing a panoramic view of the dam. Visitors can also venture on a scenic loop road that leads to the dam which hosts a community-initiated view site of the spillway and the Maguga Dam craft outlet.


For those looking to pair adventure and scenic exploration, gear-up for some hiking, river rafting, mountain biking, and 4×4 routes located in the Lubombo Mountains. Whilst embracing the thrill of these parallel ridges and gorges, take a minute to behold Lubombo Mountains’ unique aesthetic of rugged volcanic hills which expose flora and fauna found nowhere else in the country.


From the minute you enter the Kingdom of Swaziland to your day of departure, you are guaranteed to experience many unique and magical scenic moments.

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