Every year during Namaqualand’s flower season the region turns into a breathtaking spectacle of colourful wildflowers. At this time of year thousands of tourists and flower enthusiasts from all over South Africa and the world come to revel in this phenomenon. If you are planning a trip to the flower kingdom, make sure you visit the Clanwilliam Wildflower Show from Friday, 23 August to Sunday, 1 September.

The veld around the small town of Clanwilliam is awakening after a long dry spell and a green sheen is covering the landscape. After the recent rainfall this year’s Clanwilliam Wildflower Show promises to be one of the best yet. The Wildflower Show’s committee uses the flourishing scenery in the fields as inspiration and turns the Clanwilliam Flower Church into a spectacular display of flowers and plants that will leave everyone in awe.

One of the main aims of this show is to protect and emphasise the importance of preserving the indigenous plant and flower species that grow in this region. The committee wants to create awareness of the various species that are currently on the SANBI Red List and what can be done to save these species from extinction.

The flower season is approaching and there have been various sightings of flowers in bloom in and around Clanwilliam. The veld is covered in Surings which is always an indication of a very good flower season. Protea Repens have been spotted blooming in the Outlook Pass near Clanwilliam. It has been estimated that the Cederberg Mountains are home to around 360 flower species.

“Work is well underway here at the Flower Church in Clanwilliam. We have started building structures, planting plants and watering them. We guarantee that every visitor to our show will see the most beautiful and colourful flowers species,” says Alida Stone, member of the Clanwilliam Wildflower Show committee.

The Clanwilliam Wildflower Show is a showcase of the bounty of Namaqualand and the Cederberg region. Make your way to the Clanwilliam Flower Church from Friday, 23 August to Sunday, 1 September for this exhibit.

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