It is easy to understand the excitement that December brings as offices and schools begin to close. This break in the hustle and bustle of everyday life allows the opportunity for families to come together and celebrate the year that’s passed – either by travelling together to their favourite holiday destination or enjoying the comfort of their very own homes.


With this in mind, the Avios Travel Rewards Programme, recently took to its Twitter page to ask followers – approximately 6 300 South Africans between the ages of 25 and 65 – about their family holiday travel habits.


The results of the survey* can be found below.

  • Of the survey respondents, a staggering 58% said that their family never travelled. Presumably due to affordability linked to disposable income and overall performance of the economy – the main barrier to domestic travel identified by stakeholders in the South African Ministerial Review Report of 2015**.


  • In addition, 23% advised that their family only went on holiday once a year. Ten percent were lucky enough to be able to go on two family trips a year.


  • When going on holiday with family, survey participants advised that their most typical forms of transport are aeroplanes and vehicles at 47% and 45% respectively.


  • From an accommodation perspective, families said that when able to go on holiday they usually stay at self-catering accommodation (41%), at a hotel (35%) or at a family home (21%). Time share was least favourable at 3%.


  • When catering for their families whilst on holiday, 19% said that they usually choose to eat at restaurants, while 26% said that they prepared fresh family meals.  Fifty three percent said that they usually did a combination of both of these options.


  • The majority of people surveyed highlighted that they spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities (28%) or going to the beach (44%) while on holiday with their families. Interestingly, 19% of respondents admitted that their family holiday activities mostly included going shopping.


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