The Kingdom of Swaziland is as it is officially known, is the smallest country in Africa, at no more than 200 kilometers north to south and 130 kilometers east to west. Despite its size, Swaziland is a diverse country which offers visitors exciting experiences. 
As Swaziland is an easy drive or flight from Johannesburg, this makes it the perfect holiday destination. Here are some things to know about this incredible nation. 
  • Driving time from Johannesburg to Swaziland is approximately 4 hours and approximately an hour flight. 
  • Although no visas are required for South African passport holders, a valid passport is necessary. 
  • South African Rands are accepted at the border posts and a fee will need to be paid for the type of vehicle you are driving. The border posts however do operate on different opening and closing times so it is best to be sure of the times of the border post you will be entering at. Border Post Times
  • Swaziland is a year round destination, however the temperatures are similar to the Highveld climate, with the rainy season in the summer months, with winter being drier and cooler. 
  • The unit of currency in Swaziland is the Lilangeni – plural Emalangeni (E) – which is fixed to the rand (1 Rand = 1 Lilangeni). South African Rands are accepted everywhere and there’s no need to change them. In fact, some outside tourist areas will only accept the South African notes.
  • If catering for yourself, experiencing local markets and stalls is a great way to pick up cheap good quality food as well as tasting local delicacies and dishes. 
  • The local means of transportation is by foot, often covering large distances, or taking a bus or Kombi (taxi), but for a short two week stay, often the best way to see Swaziland is by hiring a car. Swaziland is such a small country (equivalent in size the UK’s Wales) that attractions are in easy reach of one another.
The rich culture and the friendliness of the people make all visitors feel truly welcome in this magnificent country. The stunning landscapes of mountains and valleys, forests and plains, wildlife reserves across the country add up to all that’s best about Africa in this small but truly beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland. 

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