Robben Island Museum (RIM) has been utilising one pricing model for the past 22 years, which has included the same tour pricing for local and international visitors. As of Saturday, 01 June 2019 Robben Island Museum will implement two-tier pricing for international and South African visitors.


Based on an annual financial analysis and in consultation with relevant stakeholders, RIM management has taken the decision to introduce a different tier of tour prices for local and international visitors. “We believe that this decision will have a positive turnaround on our long term financial sustainability as an organisation whilst also contributing to an increase in domestic visitors,” says Blayne Crocker, Chief Financial Officer at RIM,


Robben Island’s tour comprises of a ferry return trip, transport on the Island, a guided Island tour and a guided Prison tour by an Ex-Political Prisoner. Operationally, all of these come at an annual increased cost and has an adverse impact on revenue; however, the experience of a RIM tour is priceless.


“With such factors in mind, a different pricing structure that can provide for additional revenue that will meet our rising conservation needs, needed to be investigated. It is important that RIM has the financial backing to maintain a high standard of excellence with our tour experience,” adds Crocker.


The new standard tariffs will be as follows:

  • R 550 ($40 | €35) for non-South African adults and R 300 ($15 | €15) for non-South African children aged two to 18 years.
  • R 380 for South African adults and R 200 for South African children aged two to 18 years.


The funds generated from tour fees allows Robben Island Museum to protect and preserve the Island’s rich history as a World Heritage Site which symbolizes the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. “Preserving Robben Island as a world-class heritage site requires a lot of efforts to balance the conservation of the tangible heritage elements with the mission of increasing local access to the Island,” says Morongoa Ramaboa, Robben Island Museum Spokesperson.


Robben Island is home to many indigenous birds, reptile and mammal species; all of which require this sensitive eco-system to be protected. The tour fees play a big role in conserving Robben Island’s complex eco-system which many visitors get to experience while taking a tour.


To stay up-to-date with new developments and announcements at Robben Island Museum please visit their website or visit their social media pages:


Important information for a Robben Island Museum tour:

  • Tickets are ONLY sold at Robben Island Museum, Nelson Mandela Gateway, V&A waterfront or through Webtickets as a RIM approved online ticketing platform.
  • A proof of identification should be provided upon a ticket purchase and when boarding the ferry. Positive identification will be checked against the ticket details in order to allow access to the ferries and the Island. Failure to produce corresponding proof (ticket matching the proof of ID) will result in ticket forfeiting.
  • The ticket will only be valid for the date and time specified on the ticket.
  • Robben Island Museum reserves the right to cancel voyages or to change departure times without notice.
  • The ticket is not subject to refunds except if the respective voyage is cancelled by Robben Island Museum or the passenger could not attend due to hospitalisation or mortality. Refunds will only be issued against the return of this ticket and proof of identification. Credit card will be reserved back to the card that was used for the booking.
  • Ticket amendments will be subject to an administration fee as determined by Robben Island Museum. You can only reschedule 48hrs in advance with an administration fee (same day change or charges done 14 days in advance admin fee will be waived)
  • Passengers must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled times of departure, failure to do so could result in the forfeit of your paid ticket. Boarding gates close 10 minutes before departure time and there will be no refunds or rescheduling of boats if the departure times are missed.
  • Our tickets are not transferable

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